Issue 26, 2018


A Super Duper Extra Special Exclusive Interview with Caitlin Barlow-Groome
Consent Workshops in Colleges Fail Due To “Lack of Interest”
Critic Breaks Down the Second OUSA Referendum
Critic Wins Big at Student Press Awards
Editorial: The One Where I Get Self-Indulgent
Is This the Sexiest OUSA Budget Yet?
Med School Finds Credible Evidence of Cheating
OPINION: Half of the OUSA Exec Positions Are a Complete Waste of Time
OUSA Buys Starters Bar
Proctor Offered Resignation After Bong-Taking Revelations
Proctor Protest Was the Biggest Otago Student Protest Since the ‘90s
RA Speaks Out Against the University
Re-Creation Officer Josh Smythe’s Pay Re-duced by 20%
Selwyn 4 Sale
Te Roopū Māori Votes to Become Financially Independent from OUSA
The Best Unpublished OUSA Exec Quotes
Vice-Chancellor Rejects Safe Drug Testing Initiative


Adam Sandler is the Karl Marx of our Generation: A Critical Analysis
Harleneing With The Stars
The Eternal Flame of Couch Burning
The Top Things of 2018
Turning Back the Pages of Time: Critic Through the Ages


All The Time We Scooped the ODT This Year
Dear Aunt Zo and Uncle Jim, what are the top ten pieces of advice, in the whole world?
Love is Blind
Lunchtime Quickie
New Zealand Lager Is the Most Influential Beer in This Nation’s History
People Who Willingly Drink Bavaria 8.6 Are Psychopaths
The Week the ODT Tried to Make Old People Feel Better About Dying
Woodstock Is the Biggest Bitch Drink in New Zealand
Woodstock Is the Biggest Bitch Drink in New Zealand


Hold My Hand Lover It Is Weed Time
Tōku haerenga ki te rohe o Catlins
The All-Girl Band Making Waves in the New Dunedin Sound
The Top Five Dunedin Sounds of 2018

8th October 2018