Selwyn 4 Sale

Selwyn 4 Sale

Anyone wanna buy a slightly used college? Couple of stains but mostly in good nick.

The Anglican Church has placed Selwyn College, one of the four independent colleges left (St Margs, Knox, and Salmond being the others), up for sale. As the oldest college at Otago, being in the possession of the Anglican Church since 1893, this is a historic event.

At a recent synod (churchey meeting to discuss churchey things), the decision was made to sell the building and business of Selwyn to an outside party, although another possibility may be a “Glasgow lease,” where the Church keeps ownership of the land that Selwyn is on, while an outside party purchases the building and business. 

It is likely that the University will buy the college.

Despite Selwyn’s hyper religious beginnings, with mandatory mass at All Saints’ Church, over the years it has become less focused on religion and more on the hyper elitism and famed cultish vibes.

Student opinion of the college potentially changing of hands is mixed. 

Some students Critic spoke to were all for the change, looking forward to a new evolution of the oldest college in Dunedin. One ex-resident said, “the tradition is great, but its time has come and gone; it’s time for an update”.

On the other side of the spectrum, many residents said they appreciate the history and tradition that is still held by the college. A current resident said, “[It] would honestly break my heart if Selwyn is sold. The Uni would make it just like every other hall and get rid of everything that makes Selwyn so special.”

This article first appeared in Issue 26, 2018.
Posted 11:22pm Thursday 4th October 2018 by Sophia Carter Peters.