Liminal Spaces of Dunedin

Posted 3:13pm Sunday 22nd August 2021

I have lived in Dunedin for long enough to be bored by Castle Street (AKA more than one year), and in that time, I’ve realized this town has some weird-ass buildings. Anyone who has set foot inside Archway Lecture theatres knows what I mean. Why are there so many entrances, but so few Read more...

New Parking Wardens Spotted in Training

Posted 1:07am Monday 9th August 2021

Fresh parking warden hatchlings have been spotted by local drivers, much to the distress of anyone who has received a parking ticket. The usually-lone parking rangers on their “motorised scooter” have been partnered up this week with trainees. This means that your risk of a parking Read more...

What MicroGenre Are You?

Posted 7:43pm Sunday 2nd May 2021

1 - What Radio station do you most identify with? a.              I’m more of a podcast person b.             ZM or The Read more...

A Review of Lee Vandervisís Book

Posted 12:38am Monday 19th April 2021

DCC Councillor Lee Vandervis has recently released a “book” (his words). The full title is The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Mayoralty Part 1: Invaluable for understanding the DCC and reading between the lines of local print-media monopoly. The title is only a fraction of this truly bizarre Read more...

Which Antidepressant Are You?

Posted 2:54pm Sunday 21st March 2021

1. What is your preferred method of escapism?  a.             Online shopping (1) b.              Poetry Read more...

Why the Pisces Moon Might Be Fucking With You

Posted 1:49pm Sunday 14th March 2021

These past few weeks we have been experiencing a Pisces moon. For those unfamiliar with astrology, Pisces (Feb 19 – March 20) is a sign commonly associated with empathy, impressionability, white wine, creativity, and emotional fragility. Basically, they’re weak ass bitches. We knew Read more...

Jutland Studio/Spaceland: A New Dunedin Creative Renaissance

Posted 1:13pm Sunday 14th March 2021

The scene: Waterfront warehouse district, surrounded by big trucks, empty buildings, and corrugated iron everywhere. Enter a new resurgence of the local gig scene. A quiet, yellow corner building with high ceiling and some bizarre architecture is the setting for a rejuvenation of the Dunedin music Read more...

What Coping Mechanism Are You?

Posted 11:23pm Tuesday 2nd March 2021

How long have you been in Dunedin? a.              Less than 2 years                      Read more...

OPINION: Third Years Need to Stop Fucking Freshers

Posted 10:53pm Tuesday 2nd March 2021

CW: Sexual assault. The fact that you already know what I’m talking about tells me all I need to know. We all have that one skeevy friend who jokes about buying a fresher too many drinks at Catacombs or picking one up on Castle. Their comments are usually followed by a couple of sheepish Read more...

The Capping Show Lives to See Another Audience

Posted 7:19pm Sunday 4th October 2020

Against all odds, The Capping Show has returned for its 126th year, yeeting the bar for student sketch comedy into the stratosphere. This year’s show, Flatatouille, followed a rat named Remy who just wanted to be one of the lads, and a flat’s toil against an evil landlord, culminating Read more...

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