Another Victory in the Tenancy Tribunal Against the Elusive ‘Studio Apartment’

Posted 9:21pm Thursday 21st February 2019

Another property rented as a ‘studio room’ has been ruled a boarding house by the Tenancy Tribunal, continuing a trend of Dunedin landlords requiring tenants to sign illegal fixed term contracts when renting studio rooms that turned out to not actually meet the legal definition of a Read more...

Selwyn 4 Sale

Posted 11:22pm Thursday 4th October 2018

The Anglican Church has placed Selwyn College, one of the four independent colleges left (St Margs, Knox, and Salmond being the others), up for sale. As the oldest college at Otago, being in the possession of the Anglican Church since 1893, this is a historic event. At a recent synod (churchey Read more...

OPINION: Colleges Need to Chill on ‘Study Zones’

Posted 10:02pm Thursday 27th September 2018

OPINION: We’re heading into exam season, meaning that residential colleges around Dunedin are cracking into the dreaded “study zone”. However, the accompanying alcohol ban is likely to do more harm than good, as well as making life more difficult for both staff and Read more...

Sons of Zion

Posted 7:29pm Thursday 20th September 2018

Tucked under Union Hall, music bleeds from the vents at around midnight, occasionally interrupted by screams of scarfies. The stage is filled by six band members, belting out reggae-rock-R&B fusion. The energy is electric, with booze flowing and everyone letting loose. Sons of Zion has been Read more...

The Carpet Critic – an Exposé on the Carpets of Otago

Posted 5:47pm Thursday 16th August 2018

Central Library Not the most appealing, but clean and does the job. Fantastic water absorption, your tears will just sink right in. Ruined somewhat by the obnoxious presence of AskOtago. Design: 2.5/5 Texture: 1/5 Aroma: 5/5 Cleanliness: 4.5/5 Water absorption: Read more...

Is Agnew The New Hyde? Not Yet, But It Was Still Pretty Sweet

Posted 4:57pm Thursday 16th August 2018

The Agnew Street party has left its mark on North Dunedin. The self-proclaimed “Hyde’s ugly stepsister,” Angew is the younger generation’s un-ticketed paradise of day-drinking, bass thumping, and regrettable hookups. First and second years travelled across campus, and up a Read more...

10Bar to Rebrand, Add Door Charge

Posted 6:30pm Thursday 26th July 2018

Popular nightclub 10Bar will be rebranding in 2019 to “change the club scene for the better”.  Owner and manager of Vault21, Andre Shi, said he’s looking to revamp the student hub in the Octagon and hopefully contribute to a more positive student image.  He’s Read more...

Dunedin Wildlife Hospital Denied Funding from the Otago Regional Council

Posted 8:08pm Thursday 19th July 2018

The Dunedin Wildlife Hospital is still going strong despite the Otago Regional Council (ORC) recently denying them funding. The hospital, which opened its doors in January 2018, has seen much higher demand than initially expected. The hospital’s co-chair, Steve Walker, told Critic that they Read more...

Cumberland College Head to Leave

Posted 6:50pm Thursday 12th July 2018

Cumberland College staple and former head, Nick Bates is taking temporary leave to act as interim Head of Student Experience for the University of Otago. This came as quite a shock to both current and past residents. One resident said, “I’m devastated aye,” and that mentality was Read more...

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