OUSA Referendum Results Are In

Posted 8:42pm Saturday 13th July 2024 by Nina Brown

The OUSA referendum was at the end of last semester. All enrolled Otago Uni students were emailed a link to an online survey to have their say on what OUSA should focus their efforts on. Questions were able to be submitted by students prior to being put to vote, and after some to and fro (with many Read more...

Daddy Grant Graces the Vice Chancellorís Throne

Posted 8:36pm Saturday 13th July 2024 by Nina Brown

July 1st marked Ōtākou Whakaihu Waka’s freshly minted Vice Chancellor Grant Robertson’s first day on the job. The former OUSA President and Deputy Prime Minister has had a busy first couple weeks of welcomes, meetings, and media attention, telling the Uni Council at his first Read more...

OUSA Student Support Has New Digs

Posted 8:32pm Saturday 13th July 2024 by Gryffin Powell

OUSA Student Support shifted locations early last week, vacating its building on Ethel Benjamin (behind Clubs and Socs) and moving into the old National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies – a casualty of the University’s financial strain.  For those unfamiliar, OUSA Student Read more...

All Aboard the Contiki School Bus

Posted 8:30pm Saturday 13th July 2024 by Gryffin Powell

If seeing one more TikTok of Euro summer will send you over the edge, travel company Contiki has revealed they’re now offering ‘Contiki University’ branded trips, offering eight ‘courses’, each fit with a major and minor subject. Pretty sure this isn’t why Read more...

SPCA Investigates Claims of Expo Animal Abuse

Posted 6:59pm Saturday 13th July 2024 by Hanna Varrs

A recent ‘Exotic Pet Expo’ in the North East Valley has caused community uproar as allegations of false advertising and animal abuse pour in from community members. Organiser Amelia Seales, who has run the event twice before, has firmly denied any wrong-doing.  The expo, held on Read more...

OUSA Criticises Residential Tenancies Amendment Act

Posted 6:56pm Saturday 13th July 2024 by Hugh Askerud

The OUSA Student Exec recently submitted on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill in opposition to its proposed introduction of no-cause evictions. It’s exactly what it sounds like: the bill would allow landlords to evict tenants without needing to give a reason. Critic Te Ārohi spoke Read more...

Student Exec Turn In Second Quarterly Reports

Posted 6:53pm Saturday 13th July 2024 by Hugh Askerud

Is it that time already? OUSA second quarterly reports are in (most of them), and we’re here to give you an insight into what our student dictators have been doing/not doing in the time you’ve been pilfering snacks from your parents' pantry. Buckle up for a rootin’ Read more...

Otago Uni Releases Statement on Free Speech

Posted 6:47pm Saturday 13th July 2024 by Hugh Askerud

In a flying start at his first Uni Council meeting last Tuesday, new Vice-Chancellor Grant Robertson (GRob for short) approved the ‘University of Otago Statement on Free Speech’. Free speech advocates have since come out calling it the “gold standard” of policies. The Read more...

Grant Robertson Begins Appointment as New VC

Posted 3:20pm Monday 1st July 2024 by Nina Brown

Today marks Grant Robertson’s official first day as the incoming Vice Chancellor for Ōtākou Whakaihu Waka.  Mana whenua hosted a pōwhiri for Grant at Ōtākou Marae this morning on Otago Peninsula, an event that OUSA President Keegan Wells noted saw some Read more...

Streaker Carnage Causes Nose Break

Posted 8:20pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Gryffin Powell

Sources are keeping quiet in the wake of an ongoing legal proceeding involving an alleged broken nose at the hands of a streaker during the Highlanders vs Crusaders game on May 11th. Cracker of a Zoo turn-out, by the way.  At the game in question, 11 streakers took to the field, two of whom Read more...

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