All The Time We Scooped the ODT This Year

All The Time We Scooped the ODT This Year

The Dependant (on Critic) Voice of the South

Critic: 26 February – Re:Fuel Rebrands as Ubar

ODT: 28 March - Business as usual for University Bar 


Critic: 5 March – University Cracks Down on Initiations

ODT: 7 March – Students Excluded Over Urine and Booze-soaked Initiation


Critic: 5 March – Embers of Couch Fire Culture Pissed Out by Uni

ODT: 8 March – Uni Fire Incidents Falling


Critic: 21 April – CCTV Cameras Begin to Roll Out 

ODT: 24 April – Increased Focus on the North End


Critic: 5 May – Students Challenge Sexual Violence Stereotypes

ODT: 8 May – ‘Victims never to blame’: Exhibition shares sexual assault message


Critic: 9 July – Selwyn College Tradition Attacked as “Sexist and Bullying” 

ODT: 28 July – Controversial College Tradition Brought to Light


Critic: 16 July – Cock Throws Cluckin Foul Play Before Winging it After Running Afowl of Egg-thority 

ODT: 27 July – Cock-a-doodle-who? Naked Rooster-chucker still at large


Critic: 30 July – New Plan For Suicide Prevention at Otago University 

ODT: 2 August – Co-ordinated support services


Critic: 6 August – The Otago Student Swimming the Foveaux Straight

ODT: 1 September – Student to Swim Straight For Charity 


Critic: 19 August – Student Start-up “Ento” Wants to Make Eating Bugs Mainstream

ODT: 21 August – Students taking locusts from plague to plate 


Critic: 22 August – Looking like the [Art History Programme] is going to be scrapped from 2020 onwards [Facebook post] 

ODT: 24 August – Scrapping of Art History Proposed


Critic: 24 September – Proctor Enters Flat Without Permission, Steals Bongs 

ODT: 24 September – Proctor Claims No Right to Enter Student Flats


Critic: 26 September – The University Senate has voted 32-31 Against OUSA’s proposal to save Art History [Facebook post] 

ODT: 26 September – Otago Uni votes to scrap Art History 


Critic: 27 September – OUSA Has Voted to Support the Proctor Protest on Friday

ODT: 27 September – OUSA Supports Proctor Protest


Critic: 30 September – Memorial Trees Die After Leith Construction Work

ODT: 3 October – Memorial Trees Removed for Leith Work Die

This article first appeared in Issue 26, 2018.
Posted 6:51pm Thursday 4th October 2018 by Charlie O’Mannin.