OUSA Finance Officer Will Enrol Anything that Breathes to Vote

Posted 1:18am Friday 12th April 2019

OUSA Finance Officer Bonnie Harrison has proven that she will stop at nothing to get students enrolled to vote in the upcoming Dunedin City Council elections, going so far as to ambush people with voting papers while they’re lining up to get their tickets for Hyde. Desperate to understand Read more...

Editorial: We Created a Nudist Community

Posted 1:14am Friday 12th April 2019

Honestly, when we first brainstormed the cover for the Sex Issue, we were thinking of having only five or six people. I thought most of them would have to be people I knew who would be fine getting naked. But I put out the call on Facebook anyway, just in case. My inbox was immediately flooded Read more...

Editorial: What is the Least Sexy Part of the Human Body?

Posted 1:54am Friday 5th April 2019

Honestly, the human body is so gross. It’s too soft and too hard in the wrong places, it’s often difficult to maneuver, and it involuntarily secretes too much fluid - and that’s just the outside. No one even knows about the horrors lurking beneath the surface (yeah, you heard me, Read more...

Editorial: The Business School Lives in Upside Down-Land

Posted 9:43pm Thursday 28th March 2019

I was in the new Otago Business School building recently and it was like entering another world. Where was the dripping, slippery pit I was used to? (Only 2017 kids will understand.) What was this soft, elegant, open-plan palace? I was in a wonderland, drifting through plush air, spinning past Read more...

Editorial | Issue 05

Posted 11:28pm Thursday 21st March 2019

Christchurch took a long time to sink in. When I first heard the news I didn’t react at all, I just went about my normal day; I hung out on my back deck, I listened to a podcast, I walked down to the Critic office. It was only as I was walking that it hit me and I started to Read more...

Editorial: Sparknotes of the Knox Story

Posted 12:36am Friday 15th March 2019

This week Critic’s news section is a little different. Instead of our normal news stories we’ve got a seven-page investigation into the culture of Knox College, a story that Critic has been working on for the past month. There are so many elements to this story, and there were even Read more...

Sexual Assault and Rape Went Undisciplined at Knox College

Posted 12:34am Friday 15th March 2019

CONTENT WARNING: rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment     A Critic investigation has revealed multiple instances of sexual assault and rape at Knox College where college leadership failed to take action despite incidents being reported to management. Critic spoke to four Read more...

Drug Testing Finds a Quarter of Substances Not What People Think They Are

Posted 9:24pm Thursday 14th March 2019

26% of drugs taken to OUSA’s O-Week drug testing service were not what people thought they were. 61 people used the service which was “well received” according to Finn Boyle of KnowYourStuffNZ, who ran the service for OUSA alongside the New Zealand Drug Foundation. Of the 26% Read more...

Editorial: Uni Flats Are Flats, Not Residential Colleges

Posted 10:32pm Thursday 7th March 2019

This week we’ve got two stories about areas of tenancy that are technically legal but are still fucked, and in both cases the tenants are the ones who lose out. Erin Gourley looked into tenants being ordered by the Tenancy Tribunal to pay the rent that vanished flatmates have left unpaid, and Read more...

Psychedelia Brings You: Earth Tongue

Posted 8:10pm Thursday 28th February 2019

Wellington couple Gussie Larkin and Ezra Simons are heavy-psych band Earth Tongue. After touring much of Europe, shooting music videos in their Wellington living room and writing their album set for release this June, there is no sign of slowing down for the psychedelic fuzz duo. Critic sat down Read more...

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