Posted 5:59pm Sunday 6th October 2019

Critic has been around for 94 years. Over that time we’ve changed dramatically in every way possible. We’ve gone from a journal to a newspaper to a magazine. We’ve been wildly successful and we’ve been mediocre and we’ve been absolute shit. I’ve worked at Read more...

Department of Anatomy At Risk of Being Shut Down After Critical Safety Non-Compliance

Posted 11:17pm Sunday 29th September 2019

The Otago Department of Anatomy is at risk of being shut down by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) after being issued with a “Critical Non-Compliance” with safety regulations during their latest audit. The Critical Non-Compliance was issued because the Department has had three Read more...

EDITORIAL: Donít Vote For Lee Vandervis

Posted 11:14pm Sunday 29th September 2019

Look. I know this is the third time in a row that I’ve written a boring editorial about an election. I’m sorry. I know all you really want is content about hit Canadian reality TV show Mantracker. To make it up to you I will include a fact about Mantracker in between each boring Read more...


Posted 10:37pm Thursday 26th September 2019

In what might possibly have been described as “the biggest mistake the University has ever made” and “an unforgivable sin” by someone who felt that way about the issue, the bathrooms in the Richardson building have required further maintenance after new taps were installed Read more...

Editorial: Oh Shit, Jack Won

Posted 5:06pm Saturday 21st September 2019

Last week I said that the OUSA presidency was anyone’s game, that any of the three candidates could pull it off. In the week since then I forgot my own good advice. The OUSA bubble were convinced that it wasn’t going to be Jack; most people thought that Will was a safe bet, and if Read more...

Te Roopū Māori Student Election Postponed Due to Lack of Nominations

Posted 4:49pm Saturday 21st September 2019

Te Roopū Māori, the Māori Students’ Association, has decided to postpone their student elections after they had almost no one nominate themselves, meaning that they couldn’t piggy-back on the OUSA election website and will have to use a paper-ballot. Taylor Terekia, Read more...

EDITORIAL: The OUSA Presidency is Anyone's Game

Posted 6:50pm Sunday 15th September 2019

This week is the Otago University Students’ Association student elections. For those that don’t really give a fuck (fair), OUSA is the student union that represents you, entertains you, and fights for you. OUSA runs O-Week, Starters Bar, Student Support, and Clubs and Socs, as well as Read more...

Otago Medical Students Association Denies that Electoral Fraud Influenced Election

Posted 11:32pm Thursday 12th September 2019

The Otago University Medical Students Association (OUMSA) has said that a “very small percentage” of students exploiting a loophole in the system to vote twice in the recent MOUSA elections “were not counted towards the final results of the position” and that even if they had Read more...

Critic Reviews North Dunedinís Milkshakes and Only Throws Up Once

Posted 12:37am Friday 6th September 2019

All the milkshakes will be Spearmint because get the fuck off my back, Spearmint’s great. Your life has been exclusively missionary sex and Chocolate milkshakes, with Strawberry on special occasions. Branch out, give some meaning to your pointless bland existence; fuck doggy and drink Read more...

Clubs Vote Against Having to Attend Boring OUSA Meetings at a Boring OUSA Meeting

Posted 12:05am Friday 30th August 2019

In what has been described as both a resounding victory and a crushing defeat for boring OUSA meetings, 88% of people at a boring OUSA meeting voted against forcing representatives from OUSA Clubs and Societies to attend boring OUSA meetings. The rejected proposal was to have OUSA grants funding Read more...

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