Storming the Dundas Wall Kind of a Success

Posted 11:01pm Saturday 17th August 2019

Despite multiple people storming the Dundas Street Construction last weekend, the Otago Regional Council (ORC) is “really pleased that nothing came from the storming of the Bridge” according to ORC Communications Channels Manager Eleanor Ross. Ross said that the storming was a Read more...

OUSA Deciding About Mandatory Club Attendance at Student General Meetings, at a Student General Meeting

Posted 10:57pm Saturday 17th August 2019

The OUSA Student Executive have decided to take the question of whether it should be mandatory for a representative from every club and society to attend their Student General Meetings (SGMs), which historically have an abysmal turnout, to the next SGM for the students to vote on. Or at least the 90 Read more...


Posted 6:18pm Sunday 11th August 2019

Get ready you motherfuckers for some motherfucking news. Oh yeah, this is going to be good. Hold onto your hats, because you’re about to be taken on a ride down the sensual slippery slide of journalism. Let me introduce the key players in this high-octane psychosexual drama: the old kids on Read more...

Who Owns Castle Street? A Critic Investigation

Posted 6:07pm Sunday 11th August 2019

Most student flats in the stretch of Castle Street from Dundas to Duke and Brook Street are owned by Dunedin locals, a Critic investigation found after trawling through a lot boring information. Of the sixty-three flats whose owners’ information was publicly available, forty-three had local Read more...

Editorial: Critic Officially Endorses Everglades Premium Liquors Peach Schnapps

Posted 4:22pm Sunday 11th August 2019

If you’ve ever bothered looking at the cool old Orientation posters up in the Link you might have noticed who they’re all sponsored by: Speight’s. And then, suddenly, no more Speight’s. Surprise, surprise, students didn’t suddenly stop being interested in beer, and Read more...

Editorial: I donít know, vote or something

Posted 7:49pm Sunday 4th August 2019

This week’s centrefold is really boring. It’s an enrolment form to vote in the local body elections. In case you didn’t know, there are a bunch of incredibly boring committees and councils, exclusively staffed with people over the age of 95, who make decisions about your lives; Read more...

Editorial: Dunedin Needs its Own Mantracker

Posted 5:10pm Wednesday 31st July 2019

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My Editorials: A Review

Posted 1:57am Friday 19th July 2019

This is a review issue. We’ve got a bunch of reviews. Here’s a review of my editorials so far:    Editorial #1 Drugs are lame. 2/10   Editorial #2 We still haven’t had an answer from AskOtago. 7/10    Editorial #3 The University Read more...

Editorial: I Donít Want to Live in a World Without the Giant Mountain Lobelia

Posted 12:40am Friday 12th July 2019

Ok, buckos. It’s happened. I’ve snapped. This was the last fucking straw. I was on board, but now I’m jumping off. Don’t count on me no more. We all know that climate change is destroying the planet and that as humans we’ve pretty much proved ourselves to be unworthy Read more...

ORC Oligarchs Condemn East Dundas Residents to Three More Months Behind Wall

Posted 1:38pm Monday 8th July 2019

The Otago Regional Council has confirmed the Dundas Street Bridge construction will be postponed for another three months, opening in October instead of August. This delay is apparently because it is very mysterious “what happens underground and where” and apparently there was no way for Read more...

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