Issue 13, 2021


A SORDID TALE OF SQUALOR: Landlord Binned Bottle Collection … Or Did He?
Clocktower SILENT During Super Duper Blood Moon, Panned for Refusing to Take a Stance
ECONOMIC LIPOFILLING: Landlords Rub Hands Together With Glee and Lick Lips Lasciviously at 2022 Riches as Jacinda and Grant Let Loose the MONEY PUMP
National Coordinator of Thursdays in Black: SHOCK RESIGNATION
North Dunedin Pests Targeted In New Research Project
Peace-loving Professor Pans Parliamentarian for Lukewarm Take on KILLER ROBOTS
Protest! Dunedinites Show Up in Support of Palestine
Study SLATED as Bullshit by Demented Grad Students
Transphobic Leaflets Left by Losers SLAMMED by Literally Everyone Who Isn’t a Twisted Far Right LOONY
Tutes and Dems Plead Poverty, But Will It Fall Upon DEAF EARS From RUTHLESS NEOLIBERAL UNIVERSITY?
University RAGE at Heavy Handed Government Policies, Polite Bureaucrat-Speak Mask Comes OFF to Reveal COMPLETE BREAKDOWN of Relationships at Education Coalface
Yikes! Blood Donations Still Restricted for Trans Women and Gay Men
“I’ve changed,” Sobs Veggie Boy in Teary Tell All Interview


The Royal Treatment
The Ultimate Guide to Looking Sexy, Gorgeous and Totally Wig in your ID Photo
“Our Marriage Was A Sham!”: BOMBSHELL interview reveals SHOCKING details of Bill and Bill’s messy divorce


Amazing! Child of Real-Life Medical Doctor Is Doing Health Sci
Booze Reviews
Fuck, I Can’t Cook!
Local Produce: Hot Sauce Club
Moaningful Confessions
Rate or Hate
Touching! “Evil” Landlord Donates Generously To Charity, Proves Naysayers Wrong


Goop on a Budget
Music Venues of Dunedin: Reviewed
No Redemption for Sunk Pong Star
Samoan Language Week: Time to Learn About Samoa

30th May 2021