Touching! “Evil” Landlord Donates Generously To Charity, Proves Naysayers Wrong

Touching! “Evil” Landlord Donates Generously To Charity, Proves Naysayers Wrong

Who says landlords are pure evil? While some of our more extremist writers like to push this sensationalist, one-sided argument, in the pursuit of fairness and balance, the Tribune can EXCLUSIVELY reveal a landlord branded as “evil” and “fraudulent” actually has a real heart of gold.

Prominent Dunedin real estate entrepreneur Michael Moneybags was spotted by roving Tribune reporters as he humbly carried out his act of kindness last Saturday afternoon. The self-made tycoon was exiting Bunnings Warehouse when he spotted the charity BBQ, manned by an 11-year old fundraising for Corstophine School’s upcoming sports exchange with Timaru Primary. He selflessly walked up and purchased not one, but TWO sausages, and donated a crisp $5 note to this worthy cause. 

“I know landlords get a lot of flak,” Mr. Moneybags later told the Tribune, “but I understand that my riches all come from the community around me, so it makes sense to give back when I can, and to give back generously. I don’t do it for the media attention; the good feeling I get inside is reward enough for me.”

Mr. Moneybags was later seen shouting to said 11-year old that he had “forgotten to give him his $1 change,” before loudly mentioning as he walked to his Porsche that he needed to “phone his lawyer” about “bringing a case to the Disputes Tribunal”. 

“See you in court, bitch,” he added.

This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2021.
Posted 8:25pm Sunday 30th May 2021 by The Critical Tribune.