Rate or Hate

Rate or Hate


Olivia Rodrigo’s entire new album being about her shitbag ex. Favourite Crime hits very diff. Name and shame baby x

J Lo getting back with her ex after almost my entire lifetime. Usually I would never encourage that but it’s actually quite a beautiful love story. 

The Weeknd calling out the Grammys for being racist. Good on him for taking a stand, I hope other artists (incl. white ones) follow his lead and stop submitting their music to the Grammys.

Floyd Mayweather kicking his girlfriend out of his house so he can focus on preparing to fight Logan Paul. I respect that, good on him.

KJ Apa expecting a child. He has been in high school for like six seasons and suddenly he’s becoming a dad? What a mind fuck, but a cute one.



Not knowing who the fuck anyone in the gossip column is. Who is Nessa Barrett?? I feel old :(

Kim K and Kanye allegedly treating their staff badly. Surely billionaires are in the best position to treat their staff well? That’s on wealth hoarding and being a cunt.

Circling back to Olivia Rodrigo, I HATE how she’s facing the same criticism that T Swift has faced for years about only writing about boys. Literally everyone writes about love? Inter-personal relationships define our lives. Sorry that critics can’t handle a talented and empowered woman. 

Scott Disick dating a 19 year old. That’s very uncomfortable, she’s like eight years older than his kids.

James Charles and his entire vibes. I never even followed him yet I’ve seen countless videos of him crying for seemingly no good reason. 

The owner of Louis Vuitton and such becoming the richest person in the world (above Elon and the Amazon man). This is simply disgusting, I hate centi-billionaires!!!!

This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2021.
Posted 8:12pm Sunday 30th May 2021 by Sasha Freeman .