Rate or Hate

Posted 3:34pm Sunday 10th October 2021

Rate Sticking your head out of the car window with your mouth open. It’s NOT safe and I do not do it but it’s bloody brilliant #maincharacter Justifying massive and expensive Shein hauls just because you’re vegan (we all make mistakes ok). Even the most northern of Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 6:58pm Monday 20th September 2021

Rate Level 2, house parties are where it’s at!! But pls theme your house parties for a more fun and interesting time. Masks, it’s so much easier to make eyes at people now because it’s the only part of their face you can see. Making yourself the main character. I am in Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 4:16pm Sunday 12th September 2021

Rate Nanaia Mahuta (Foreign Affairs Minister) having a moko kauae — yes queen I’m so glad she reps NZ. Justifying your post lockdown slutty behaviour by reminding yourself what Chris Hipkins said. That fact that I dropped out before lockdown started, I do not need another year Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 3:49pm Sunday 5th September 2021

Rate Making a lockdown bingo with your flatties since you all know each other FAR too intimately now (e.g. Niamh asks how to spell something).  Going for a run, it’s such an event. I do my eyeliner for that shit these days. Beer pong practice, those sexy breathas won’t know Read more...

Rate or Hate: Art Edition

Posted 2:21pm Monday 16th August 2021

Rate Interpretive dance. I’m not being ironic, I literally rate that shit as art.  That ‘Norman For You’ episode called Dumb Starbucks that people thought might be a Banksy installation before the episode aired.  The girl flatmates’ art and wine nights. I Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 2:30am Monday 9th August 2021

Rate Bringing eye drops with you to town, no one needs to know. My family dog not dying (at time of writing, I will update next week). Pushing in the pint night line because you “know someone”. My new best friend happens to be just before those metal dividers. Walking home Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 5:38pm Sunday 1st August 2021

Rate My friend who suddenly cares about the Olympics because she wants to root one of the NZ swimmers. Go queen!! He is probably in a dry spell with those cardboard beds.  Watching breathas get upset on their Instagram stories when Kanye predictably delayed his album, great Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 5:54pm Sunday 25th July 2021

Rate Making out. I think it’s a dead romance! I love just lazily making out with someone all morning. Beautiful stuff.  People who ASK if they can choke you. WAY better than just randomly being near-suffocated in the Subs bathrooms with no warning. Those boxers that have a little Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 4:36pm Sunday 18th July 2021

Rate Dropping out of uni and buying a season pass to the ski fields, sorry Mum. Full year papers having no first sem exams. Sorry to my flatties who had to watch me get otp since May.  The new Vice-Chancellor being called Dave. Just saying no one has seen him and David Schwimmer in the Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 8:12pm Sunday 30th May 2021

Rate Olivia Rodrigo’s entire new album being about her shitbag ex. Favourite Crime hits very diff. Name and shame baby x J Lo getting back with her ex after almost my entire lifetime. Usually I would never encourage that but it’s actually quite a beautiful love story.  The Read more...

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