Rate or Hate

Posted 5:54pm Sunday 25th July 2021

Rate Making out. I think it’s a dead romance! I love just lazily making out with someone all morning. Beautiful stuff.  People who ASK if they can choke you. WAY better than just randomly being near-suffocated in the Subs bathrooms with no warning. Those boxers that have a little Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 4:36pm Sunday 18th July 2021

Rate Dropping out of uni and buying a season pass to the ski fields, sorry Mum. Full year papers having no first sem exams. Sorry to my flatties who had to watch me get otp since May.  The new Vice-Chancellor being called Dave. Just saying no one has seen him and David Schwimmer in the Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 8:12pm Sunday 30th May 2021

Rate Olivia Rodrigo’s entire new album being about her shitbag ex. Favourite Crime hits very diff. Name and shame baby x J Lo getting back with her ex after almost my entire lifetime. Usually I would never encourage that but it’s actually quite a beautiful love story.  The Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 12:53am Monday 24th May 2021

Rate Menstrual cups. Very cool and environmentally friendly and they’re way easier to insert than they look.  Period sex. Chuck a towel down and get amongst it fellas. Getting your period just when you’re about to head to the Albany St Pharmacy for a pregnancy test. A Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 5:07pm Sunday 16th May 2021

Rate: People putting a fuckton of rubbish on their lawns in protest of the Uni’s 1984 vibes. The Proctor can’t fine us all, or can he?? Getting breathas at the bar at pint night to choose my drink for me. Speights is NOT good and I don’t care that I’m from Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 4:19pm Sunday 9th May 2021

Rate:  The theory that Epstein DIDN’T kill himself. That’s not even a conspiracy theory at this point it just simply was a cover up by rich American child sex traffickers. The JonBenét Ramsay theory: I am fairly certain that it was the brother and the parents covered it Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 1:45am Monday 19th April 2021

Rate Cooking a meal on your kitchen floor because all the bench space has dishes on it. Sounds gross but is actually a quintessential experience  Margaret Atwood: She can write anything, can’t believe she’s still alive  The garlic bread they sell at stilettos. Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 1:09am Sunday 11th April 2021

Rate The flying fox behind gardens New World. Provides much entertainment on a dusty walk home from town. Wearing the same top as another girl at a party. It’s not embarrassing, that’s just how you know you’re fashionable.  Adults on Lime scooters. You go Read more...

Rate or Hate

Posted 6:09pm Sunday 28th March 2021

Rate Having a compost bin! A nice way to dispose of food, a nice way to attract worms to your property, and a nice surprise for your landlord at the end of your lease. Turtles. Save them xx Menstrual cups. The company that owns U by Kotex uses palm oil, which is certainly not something I Read more...

Rate or Hate: Drugs Edition

Posted 1:44pm Sunday 21st March 2021

  Rate Codeine. Have become very familiar with this bad boy this week and I cannot sing its praises loud enough. All u need is a cheeky broken shoulder and you’ll get the prescription in your hot little hands faster than you can say ‘get off me I think I have broken Read more...

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