Rate or Hate

Rate or Hate


Bringing eye drops with you to town, no one needs to know.

My family dog not dying (at time of writing, I will update next week).

Pushing in the pint night line because you “know someone”. My new best friend happens to be just before those metal dividers.

Walking home past the clock tower and realising that we literally have the most beautiful campus in NZ! I rate it here!

Cancelling men, thank you to a chick in the pint night line who suggested that <3



Cancer men, it turns out I misheard the chick in the pint night line.

Paper towels but especially people who use like five paper towels to dry their silly little hands. Just use the cloth thing like the rest of us, it’s like a towel, it forgets the next day!

Everyone at AskOtago seeing the letter from my therapist begging to let me drop out :( The system is simply shit.

The pokies, what a sad sad place. Please send help, I hate it here.

The little notes on Uni printers telling you not to print out an entire textbook, it won’t stop me it simply makes me feel guilty!!! “Copying legally is your responsibility” but luckily I hate the law and am poor.

People kicking bins over. Red bins, ye

This article first appeared in Issue 18, 2021.
Posted 2:30am Monday 9th August 2021 by Sasha Freeman .