Rate or Hate

Rate or Hate


Level 2, house parties are where it’s at!! But pls theme your house parties for a more fun and interesting time.

Masks, it’s so much easier to make eyes at people now because it’s the only part of their face you can see.

Making yourself the main character. I am in fact in a Netflix Original movie and it’s somewhere between He’s All That and The Kissing Booth in quality.

Having a gardener. Our flat does NOT meet the healthy homes standard in so many ways but at least our lawn is well maintained. 

My parents’ cat coming on a little vacation to my house while they’re away. I am SO excited about this (and maybe she can help with our mice problem!!)



Starters closing. I’m SO sad about this, their local music scene was off the charts and their bouncer thought I was hot one time, this is the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

That one Sunday morning we’ve all had where you wake up and realise you’ve lost absolutely everything. Now I have to buy new town shoes :((

I hate false dichotomies, sometimes you can both rate and hate something.

The Uni making all exams online but not giving the five mark increase this year, academia is a cruel mistress.

When people see me walking places, I feel like I look so stupid. I wish we could travel through space and time.

This article first appeared in Issue 23, 2021.
Posted 6:58pm Monday 20th September 2021 by Sasha Freeman .