Issue 26, 2019


250 Students and Staff Rally Against Marine Science Cuts
James gives OUSA the old Heath Ho: An Exit Interview
Lecturer Claims His Book About Censorship Was Censored
OPINION: We Should All Care About West Papua Because We Are All Pacific Islanders
OUSA Welfare Officer Resigned, Cited Ableism and “Bullying”
Property Managers Slap Bogus Cleaning Fees On Tenants
Radio One Not Sure if They’re Played in More Campus Spaces Since Swearing Ban
Student Arrested For Shitposting
Student Skips, Now With Bouncers
Students Oppose Significant Cuts to Marine Sciences Department Proposed By University
Te Roopū Māori Elect a New Executive
University Scraps Proposal to Cut Marine Science Staff
“Legitimacy and Integrity” of OUSA Elections Compromised, Report Reveals


Campus Watch and the Code of Conduct
Milkshake Wrestling, Hypnotists and Buckets of Vomit: A History of O-Week
Pull Your Red Card: You're Running Out of Time
“In order for anything to change, society needs to change”


Critic Blind Date
Critic Booze Reviews
Graduation Actually One Giant Apple Data Harvest
ODT Watch
Student Attends Semi-Regular Careers Expo; Is Inundated With Employment Offers
Student Refuses to Remove Apple Watch During Sex
Thing the Person Sitting Next to You in the Library Studying Looks Hard
Top Ten Animals of the Air New Zealand In-Flight Entertainment Kids Map
UoO Moaningful Confessions


A Conversation with Justin Pemberton
All The Time We Scooped the ODT This Year
Love Life in the Leaf Litter
Sea Mouse: The ocean is big and the mouse is small
Students to Watch: You
“Manic-Noisy-Fun-Pop-Punk” – Mary Berry

6th October 2019