Top Ten Animals of the Air New Zealand In-Flight Entertainment Kids Map

Top Ten Animals of the Air New Zealand In-Flight Entertainment Kids Map

Let me set the scene: you’re captive in an aluminium tube, thirty thousand feet above the ocean, cruising at a speed of over eight hundred kilometres per hour. Hours have passed, and hours are yet to pass. With your senses dulled from your fourth complementary beverage, you crave a simpler time. You don’t find it – it finds you. Wistful memories of childhood innocence surface. You feel a primal instinct to frolic in nature. What once was lost but now is found, virtually represented on the seat in front of you.



10. Nile Crocodile

You’re not in a plane, you’re in de Nile.



9. Grizzly Bear

Fun trivia: Grizzly Hills is the second zone in the east of Northrend. If that means anything, don’t touch classic until after exams.



8. Dingo

The Din-go skrrrahh, pap pap ka-ka-ka



7. American Black Bear

This is a bear-heavy listicle. I was a beer heavy passenger.



6. Greater Flamingo

 ‘Regimental Frog’



5. Kiwi

Flightless no more.



4. American Black Bear (but in Canada)

American Black Brrr.



3. Coyote

My favourite Dunedin Sound band of 2018.



2. Yellow-eyed Penguin (Hoiho)

This is your reminder: Bird of the Year voting begins on Monday 28 October and ends Sunday 10 November -



1. European Badger

 “so you’re a tough ger,
like it really rough ger,
just can’t get enough ger,
chest always so puffed ger,
I’m the bad ger”

This article first appeared in Issue 26, 2019.
Posted 2:23am Friday 4th October 2019 by Alex McKirdy.