All The Time We Scooped the ODT This Year

All The Time We Scooped the ODT This Year

ODT twice as dependant on Critic for news than 2018

Critic: 19 February - OUSA to Introduce Drug Testing for O-Week
ODT: 19 February - OUSA introduces drug checking for O-Week


Critic: 21 February - OUSA Ran Drug Testing for O-Week
ODT: 26 February - 60 O-Week drug tests carried out


Critic: 14 March - Drug Testing Finds a Quarter of Substances Not What People Think They Are
ODT: 15 and 17 April - C86 drug in Dunedin, warning not to take it, Drug testers warn of C86


Critic: 15 March - Sexual Assault and Rape Went Undisciplined at Knox College
ODT: 6 and 10 April - Knox College says it is working to address complaints; College club ditches awards


Critic: 28 March - Boozed-Up Breathers Breathe in Law Lecture, Campus Watch Called
ODT: 2 and 3 April - 'He could hardly stand': Drunk men interrupt law lecture; 'Drunk, rowdy' men disrupt law lecture


Critic: 28 March - OPINION: It’s Disappointing Knox Hasn’t Changed
ODT: 11 April - 'Entitled' attitudes over sex questioned


Critic: 4 April - Opinion: You Should Give a Fuck about Post Grads Getting Student Allowance
ODT: 12 April - Postgrad students 'demand better' over allowance pledge


Critic: 9 April - Enrolment Numbers Are Slightly Up
ODT: 10 April - University enrolments rise again


Critic: 12 April - Residents Said Uni Best Practice Not Enough to Prevent or Discipline Sexual Violence at Knox
ODT: 16 April - Knox College: no plans to change management


Critic: 1 May - Students Call Cutler’s Latest Campaign “Exploitation”, Cutlers Pulls ‘Exploitative’ Campaign and Apologises
ODT: 1 May - Flat Debacle: Property managers apologise over tender


Critic: 2 May - Series of Well-Known Flat Signs Stolen in North Dunedin
ODT: 10 May - Residents left flat by theft of sign


Critic: 3 May  - DCC Already Back on Their Paid-Parking Bullshit
ODT: 3 May - Students say parking fees 'ridiculous'


Critic: 10 May - Students Hit Out at DCC Over Parking Proposals
ODT: 10 May - Parking for disabled students group's priority


Critic: 21 May - SOULS to Decline Russell McVeagh’s Money
ODT: 25 May - Law students drop sponsorship


Critic: 4 August - Students Volunteer For Fox River Rubbish Clean Up
ODT: 9 August - Students on clean-up duty


Critic: 11 August - OUSA Exec Restructure Going to Student Vote
ODT: 24 August - OUSA political representative


Critic: 17 August - OUSA Deciding About Mandatory Club Attendance at Student General Meetings, at a Student General Meeting
ODT: 19 and 23 August - OUSA to ask students whether it should sell weed; OUSA will look at legal sale of cannabis


Critic: 17 August - HEARTBREAKING: Local Artist’s Masterpiece Goes Unsold
ODT: 23 August - All in a good cause


Critic: 17 August - Korean Bible “Cult” Returns to Campus
ODT: 21 August - Students approached by religious group


Critic: 29 August - DCC Candidates Commit to Student Pledges
ODT: 19 and 20 September - OUSA release policy wishlist for ORC; DCC elections and OUSA presents range of election policies


Critic: 29 August - Boarding Houses and Illegal Contracts: How a Dunedin Landlord Got Her Tenants to Pay Extra Rent
ODT: 3 and 3 September - Critic puts abusive boarding house emails on cover; Student mag puts abusive emails on front cover


Critic: 6 September - OUSA to Solve Climate Change
ODT: 11 September - University support sought for climate change march


Critic: 15 September - OPINION: I Hate that the Uni Wasted 42k on Some Promo Screens.
ODT: 17 September - University defends cost of flash TV screen.


Critic: 19 September - Jack Manning is the next OUSA President [Facebook]
ODT: 21 September - New OUSA president after tight ballot


Critic: 20 September - Canta Editor Calling For Editorial Independence
ODT: 21 September - Our People: Paving the way for editorial independence


Critic: 29 September - Department of Anatomy At Risk of Being Shut Down After Critical Safety Non-Compliance
ODT: 1 October - Uni anatomy dept warned by MPI

This article first appeared in Issue 26, 2019.
Posted 9:25pm Thursday 3rd October 2019 by Sinead Gill.