Students Who Are Flatting Are Being Asked to Register with Otago Uni

Posted 5:06pm Friday 27th March 2020

Students who are flatting are expected to sign up to daily wellness checks with Ask Otago. Many students are sceptical about how effective the Uni will be. In an email circulated yesterday by Andrew Ferguson, Otago Uni's emergency and business continuity coordinator, students were told Read more...

Kiwi Host Given 10 Hours to Move from Uni Flat

Posted 8:20pm Thursday 26th March 2020

Kiwi Host Kayli was told 10 hours before New Zealand went into a nation-wide lockdown that she had to move flat. The University’s response to this situation revealed that they are “creat[ing] whole empty flats to handle self-isolating or sick students and their families as could be Read more...

Lecturers Sneak Lectures Online Against Uni’s Wishes

Posted 12:37pm Sunday 22nd March 2020

Some departments and lectures across multiple divisions have reportedly “pushed the ‘go’ button” on distance learning, despite the University telling them not to. Students are praising these acts of rebellion. A limit of 100 people attending indoor events was announced by Read more...

Students “In Limbo” Waiting for Covid-19 to Hit Campus

Posted 7:33pm Thursday 19th March 2020

Otago students are “scared”, “concerned”, and “feel as if [their] whole lives are about to come toa stand-stil” over the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Last Tuesday, students came together to celebrate St Patrick’s day in what many considered the final send Read more...

Students Still Waiting for StudyLink

Posted 6:57pm Thursday 19th March 2020

A large number of students are still waiting for their first Studylink payment to come through, despite a month passing since classes began. One student called it “a fucking stitch up”, another student suggested “maybe Studylink needs to employ a few more people so that they can Read more...

OUSA Endorse Mysterious “Charter” That You Are Not Allowed to Know About

Posted 6:46pm Thursday 19th March 2020

The OUSA Exec has endorsed a “Charter”, the name and contents of which are confidential and will remain so until further notice. Wikipedia defines ‘Charter’ to mean the "grant of authority or rights, stating that the granter formally recognises the prerogative of the Read more...

Editorial: R.I.P. Blind Date

Posted 9:50am Monday 16th March 2020

From this week onward, there will be no more Critic Blind Date. I know. You’re all going to be fucking gutted. In a way, so am I – no editor relishes cutting institutions from the magazine. But this had to be done. Critic cannot 100 percent guarantee your safety on the blind date, Read more...

1600 Students Will Get A Pay Rise

Posted 8:20pm Thursday 12th March 2020

Tutors and demonstrators have officially been given a pay rise, ranging from a $1.30 to a $2.99 increase. Although the scales have only just been updated, the scales will be applied from February 1 2020 onwards. Tutors and demonstrators will be back paid to that time. It is unclear when scales Read more...

Anatomy Department No Longer at Risk of Being Shut Down

Posted 7:04pm Thursday 12th March 2020

At the end of last year, the Department of Anatomy popped their pussies and reversed their Critical Non-Compliance issue. Now, they have a clean slate and are considered fully compliant. Last year the Anatomy Department was at risk of being shut down by the Ministry of fucking Primary Industries Read more...

Health Sci Students Affected by Travel Ban to Defer Studies to 2021

Posted 9:34pm Tuesday 10th March 2020

Some Health Science students who are unable to enter New Zealand because of the COVID-19 travel ban are facing a deadline of March 30 to arrive in New Zealand, or may need to defer their studies to 2021. An email leaked to Critic revealed this deadline for “late starts”. In the email, Read more...

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