Is This the Sexiest OUSA Budget Yet?

Posted 11:31pm Thursday 4th October 2018

Every year your student union has to lobby the University for funding (which is fucked, we know) and then has to decide where that money will go. A lot of the time these budgets look like a copy and paste from the previous year, but this year there are some notable changes that you need to look out Read more...

Critic Breaks Down the Second OUSA Referendum

Posted 11:20pm Thursday 4th October 2018

As winter passes to spring and Mole crawls out of his hole in the ground (casual Wind in the Willows reference for all my peeps out there) the student population gradually come out of hibernation and their minds turn irresistibly to a single end. That’s right, the OUSA Referendum is upon us Read more...

Blues and Golds: Behind the Awards

Posted 12:27am Friday 28th September 2018

Every year OUSA gives out awards to the people who represent the top of the top at Otago University. Or at least the ones who are keen enough to put their names up for an award. Critic hunted some of the winners down to get to know some of Otago’s best.    Sportswoman of the Read more...

Local Good Cunts Save Students From a Shit Flat

Posted 10:26pm Thursday 6th September 2018

We’ve all approached a grotty flat for a viewing and, in a wave of flat-seeking desperation, thought, it might not be that shit. To save students from themselves, the four tenants of an old corner-store flat came up with the ultimate idea: leaving notes. Not just subtle post-it notes Read more...

Opinion: The OUSA Squash Courts Have Become a Money Pit

Posted 11:31pm Thursday 30th August 2018

OUSA is allowing the Squash Club and its 86 Facebook group members to make $bank$ on something that all students pay for.  Since the only people that look at the OUSA budget are the Executive, Critic, and total nerds, it is likely that you don’t know that your student services fee goes Read more...

WWII Mortar Shell Found Under Leith Bridge

Posted 11:29pm Thursday 30th August 2018

The Police and New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) were recently called over a bomb found in the Leith, and it wasn’t the first one this year. The old mortar shell was unearthed during excavation for the construction of a new bridge near the Burns building. It had been chilling just one metre Read more...

Student Start-Up “Ento” Wants to Make Eating Bugs Mainstream

Posted 10:06pm Sunday 19th August 2018

While your flatmates are arguing about dishes and being too loud past 10pm, there is a flat full of students who are working to make the world a more sustainable place. They have started a company called Ento (the Latin word for insect), and they want to make insect consumption mainstream in New Read more...

OUSA Grants Funding Runs Out

Posted 8:19pm Thursday 9th August 2018

As of last week, the OUSA grant budget has run out of money early, with just over $3400 left out of an initial pool of $80,000, according to OUSA Recreation Officer Josh Smythe.  OUSA grants are typically available throughout the year for groups or individuals who need money. This can range Read more...

Diversity Week Was Cool

Posted 7:14pm Thursday 2nd August 2018

Diversity Week is an annual campaign by OUSA Queer Support and student volunteers to increase visibility and awareness of sexuality and gender diversity, and provides a platform for experts and students to educate each other on issues that the LGBTQIA+ community faces.  The week started with Read more...

Lack of Health Cover for International Students "Unfair"

Posted 6:33pm Thursday 26th July 2018

International students are not covered for the same health issues as domestic students are, despite paying high rates for insurance, with many labelling the system as unfair.  The insurance plan that Otago automatically enrols international students into  - Studentsafe University - Read more...

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