RIP Forever, Captain Cook

Posted 12:23pm Monday 19th August 2019

The Captain Cook has been sold (again), cementing the pub’s status as Otago students’ ex-boyfriend with serious commitment issues.  Michael McLeod, who had operated the Cook since early 2018, told the ODT that he planned on keeping the upstairs venue open for hire under the Cook Read more...

Storming the Dundas Wall Kind of a Success

Posted 11:01pm Saturday 17th August 2019

Despite multiple people storming the Dundas Street Construction last weekend, the Otago Regional Council (ORC) is “really pleased that nothing came from the storming of the Bridge” according to ORC Communications Channels Manager Eleanor Ross. Ross said that the storming was a Read more...

Locals Leaders Claim Programme is Underfunded and Underappreciated

Posted 10:56pm Saturday 17th August 2019

The Locals programme is underfunded and underappreciated by the University, according to three Locals leaders. The Locals programme was established in 2011 to make sure the 25% of first-year students who aren’t in colleges have a way to participate in all of the thrilling fresher events. Read more...

HEARTBREAKING: Local Artist’s Masterpiece Goes Unsold

Posted 10:54pm Saturday 17th August 2019

Despite having a fanatic fanbase, James Heath’s fledgling art career didn’t take flight during OUSA Art Week. Art Week is an annual campaign to support student artists. As far as we can tell, James is the first President in recent history to be brave enough to submit his masterpiece Read more...

The Fashion of the OUSA Executive

Posted 10:33pm Saturday 17th August 2019

The OUSA Exec is there to represent us as students, and a big part of that comes with how they present themselves to the general public. Clothes are the window to the soul, so what better way to get to know the Exec than by roasting their fashion sense. Critic cornered the Exec when they least Read more...

Best Dressed Couple On Campus

Posted 9:14pm Saturday 17th August 2019

The gay paradise ducks that hang out on Union Lawn (fuck the heterosexual paradise ducks that live by the Leith) are inspirational. These good boys love to waddle around the food trucks, eat grass, and serve luuks. After months trying to book an interview, Samuel L Quackson and Quackie Chan sat down Read more...

Why We Wear Black

Posted 8:54pm Saturday 17th August 2019

Content warning: Sexual violence   Thursdays in Black is an international campaign against sexual violence and standing up for survivors of sexual violence, whose stories are often swept under the rug because of shitty social conventions against talking about awful or awkward things. The Read more...

OUSA Exec Restructure Going to Student Vote

Posted 6:10pm Sunday 11th August 2019

It’s Thursday, and OUSA is in an early morning emergency meeting. Education Officer Will Dreyer’s vape cloud dissipates to reveal the Executive flicking through two versions of the OUSA constitution. This document dictates the purpose, powers, and rules of our entire student union, and Read more...

World Record Scrum Hopes Crushed By ‘Boomers’

Posted 9:16pm Sunday 4th August 2019

Last week, an effort to break the world record for the biggest scrum during the Agnew Street party was tragically thwarted before it even began. (For those who don’t know sports, a scrum is a “move” in rugby where players on both teams line up, lock arms with each other, and have Read more...

Opinion: The University Lied About Stationery and I Feel Weirdly Vindicated

Posted 3:57am Friday 26th July 2019

Last week Critic reported that the Archway Shop stationery would move to Campus Shop South (the weird merch store next to the library). This was allegedly due to a high demand for stationary and a need for more space to stock things. We asked the University point-blank if Campus Shop South, which Read more...

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