Jack Brazil Posters May Be Illegal

Posted 4:40pm Sunday 13th September 2020

The Electoral Commission are investigating whether posters of the Dunedin Green Party candidate’s face are an illegal election advertisement, after several complaints. Other Dunedin electorate candidates have called these posters “a slap in the face” and “reprehensibly Read more...

Students Less Likely to Vote if Exam Remains on Election Day

Posted 4:32pm Sunday 13th September 2020

Students who have an exam on election day said they were less likely to vote than if their exam was on another day. On 17 October, the day of the New Zealand General Election, Otago Uni has scheduled 37 exams, affecting a total of 1530 students. The exam timetable was released a week after the Read more...

Editorial | Let Students Vote On A Day Without Exams

Posted 3:53pm Sunday 13th September 2020

None of this is a hot take: Once you’re at the ballot box, all you have to do is tick a couple of times. Once for the person you think would best represent Dunedin, another for which party you think would best make decisions for the country, and then either a ‘yes’ or Read more...

Local Produce: Hannah Martin

Posted 10:28pm Thursday 10th September 2020

Hannah Martin isn’t a Dunedin local, but Critic is officially claiming her as one of Dunedin and Studentville’s best emerging artists. She submitted her piece, “The Creation of Dunners”, to the OUSA Art Exhibition, and describes that piece like she does her other work: Read more...

Editorial | Getting an Abortion is Actually Super Chill

Posted 1:45pm Sunday 6th September 2020

To me, joking about getting pregnant and raising a child is the peak of comedy. For 99% of my life I had decided I never wanted children. Throw polycystic ovarian syndrome into the mix - a common symptom of which is infertility - and you have a recipe for a woman who shouldn’t haphazardly take Read more...


Posted 10:26pm Thursday 3rd September 2020

Otago Uni and Frucor Suntory have collaborated to gift students with a reverse vending machine in the Link. The reverse vending machine recycles cans and plastic bottles in exchange for a voucher discounting a Frucor (who produce energy drinks and RTD coffee) product on campus. Both the Uni and Read more...

37 Exams on Election Day

Posted 10:19pm Thursday 3rd September 2020

Otago Uni will not move the 37 exams they have penned down for 17 October, the day of the New Zealand General Election. Out of the 1530 students affected, 18 have exams in both the morning and afternoon of election day. The exam timetable was released on 26 August, nine days after the Government Read more...

Editorial: South Dunedin Has the Superior Fatty Lane

Posted 4:19pm Sunday 30th August 2020

I think it’s safe to say that except for trips to Pak’nSave or the Warehouse (RIP Kmart), most students who travel south-er than the Octy only do so to surf or get a coffee on the Esplanade and wish that they surf. This whole mag this week is full of reasons why you should visit South Read more...

Students Fighting Cap on Māori and Pasifika Entry to Med

Posted 4:11pm Sunday 30th August 2020

Student representatives are fighting a proposal to cap the number of Māori and Pasifika entrants to med school. Radio New Zealand have reported that the proposal includes capping Māori student entrants to Professional Health Sciences programmes (such as Medicine and Dentistry) at 56. Read more...

EDITORIAL: Landlord Doxes Tenants and Critic Staff

Posted 2:39pm Sunday 16th August 2020

Content Warning: Offensive language, racism, sexism, homophobia, death threats(?) A Facebook account - which commenters believe is a fake name that landlord Karen Brown is using to hide her identity - is using social media to dox their tenants and Critic staff. At worst this is hurtful but Read more...

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