Tōku haerenga ki te rohe o Catlins

Posted 2:19pm Monday 8th October 2018 by Tama Tū

I haere māua ko tōku hoa ki te rohe o Catlins. Ātaa- hua rawa te wāhi rā. Kīkī te whenua ki ngā oneroa, ngāhere, horowai hoki. E rua ngā rā e tipi haere ana māua ki reira. Ko tōku tūmanako, ka whāia te kaituhi e au. Read more...

Hold My Hand Lover It Is Weed Time

Posted 2:16pm Monday 8th October 2018 by Critic

Tonight we take gather here to partake Weed is our captain, its smoke is our guide Oh no, Erin is scared, she does not want to smoke the weed Please don’t listen to Erin A weed is a Good time, every time Everyone get Some weed Out of all the people on this Fair earth We who Read more...

The Top Five Dunedin Sounds of 2018

Posted 6:39pm Thursday 4th October 2018 by Henessey Griffiths

Ah yes, the Dunedin sound. A pivotal part of Dunedin’s brand identity, as we are a town that is inclusive to all new bands (so long as you’re a male and play surf rock). It’s been a great year for the Dunners music scene. Ed Sheeran came to visit, Coyote defaced The Chills mural, Read more...

The All-Girl Band Making Waves in the New Dunedin Sound

Posted 6:36pm Thursday 4th October 2018 by Jessica Thompson

Lacuna consisted of three (now two), musicians Mackenzie Hollebon, Bexy Shingleton, and Grace Cook, who has recently left. After a short hiatus from their previous band The Burps, the girls returned to each other, forming Lacuna. After countless gigs in Dunedin, they are ready to release an EP and a Read more...

Photos From the Intersectional Feminism Exhibition

Posted 10:05pm Sunday 30th September 2018 by Lydie Schmidt

This was a two week long traveling exhibition put together to commemorate the 125th anniversary of New Zealand suffrage. The project adopts intersectional feminism as its framework, taking into account how issues of class, race, disability and sexuality intersect with feminism and how this has been Read more...

Who is Mommas Boy?

Posted 12:34am Friday 28th September 2018 by Jessica Thompson

An anonymous tagger known only as Mommas Boy has been leaving his mark all over North and Central Dunedin. Jess Thompson tracked him down.      The moral of meeting Mommas Boy: Never talk to your heroes.  A close friend of mine managed to get me in contact with the Read more...

He Māori ahau. Me pēwhea tēnei e mōhio ai?

Posted 5:45pm Thursday 27th September 2018 by Rico Mita-Watene

Tēnei au ka noho i te tua o tōku manu. Ko wai atu i taku manu? He manu hoka ki ngārangiwhāwhātanga o tōku ao Māori, hei waha i tōna korepe roa. Ko wai atu i taku manu? He manu tirikohu ki te retōtanga o tōku ao Māori, hei tātari i tōna Read more...

Sons of Zion

Posted 7:29pm Thursday 20th September 2018 by Sophia Carter Peters

Tucked under Union Hall, music bleeds from the vents at around midnight, occasionally interrupted by screams of scarfies. The stage is filled by six band members, belting out reggae-rock-R&B fusion. The energy is electric, with booze flowing and everyone letting loose. Sons of Zion has been Read more...

Worlds Apart: Growing up Bi-Culturally in New Zealand

Posted 6:49pm Thursday 20th September 2018 by Jasmine Weaver

I was born in 1996 in Auckland to a Filipino mother and a Pakeha father. At the time, 68.69% of the population identified as Pakeha and 4.08% of the population were Asian. I grew up as a bi-cultural child, a person 50% of ‘colour’, in a European-dominated society, and this would affect Read more...

How Robbie Nicol Became White Man Behind a Desk

Posted 6:47pm Thursday 20th September 2018 by Esme Hall

Comedy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think politics. Unless, of course, you’re Robbie Nicol. His webseries and live show White Man Behind a Desk satirises New Zealand politics while tackling some big topics like child poverty, immigration and racism. Robbie admits Read more...

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