TV GUIDE: Developmental Years Edition

Posted 8:33pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Madeline O’Leary

Back when Netflix was just a mail-order DVD service, TV of the 2000s was less about consumer choice, and more about what mass media could be rubbed against your developing retinas.  Picture this. It’s 2007, you’re home sick from school and desperate for entertainment. Windows Read more...

Legitness Jean Fitness

Posted 8:14pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Jodie Evans

It’s academic weapon season, a time of the year when productivity is key. Everyone’s life is scheduled to the minute in a meticulously planned spreadsheet to the point where a slight deviation is mania-inducing. Like a Te Araroa walker drilling holes in their toothbrush to lighten the Read more...

Campus Blind Items

Posted 7:48pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Critic

Disclaimer: These blind items have not been verified, and all tea is rumored/alleged ☕ #1 When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, this flighty professor decided he wasn’t so keen on shacking up with his younger postgraduate girlfriend. With only hours before the lockdown rules were enforced, Read more...

Te Rōpū Māori: Te Rito 2024

Posted 11:12pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Te Rōpū Māori

IZZY  - KAIHĀPAI Kia ora koutou, ko Izzy Rewiri-Wharerau tōku ingoa, he uri ahau nō Ngāpuhi me Ngāti Awa. My role within Te Rito 2024 is Kaihāpai, which is the financial liaison of our rōpu. I was raised in Tūrangi, a small town in the central North Read more...

Split-Screen Slideshows

Posted 11:05pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Monty O’Rielly

As a reformed TikTok addict (getting in as much as 12 hours a day), I know how difficult it can be to concentrate on lectures after years of having our attention spans fried. Sometimes putting lectures on 2x speed just doesn’t cut it, and our malnourished Zoomer attention spans yearn for even Read more...

The Critic Te Ārohi Guide to Second Hand Stores

Posted 10:43pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Phoebe Lea

Whether you're a fellow thrifter fresh to Dunedin or a third-year who never leaves North D, this is the guide for you. Critic sent our bona-fide fashionista Phoebe to scour the streets, sift through the racks, and explore every nook and cranny to bring you the inside scoop on the best op shops Read more...

Faux-mosexual: Types of guys who trigger your gaydar on a night out

Posted 10:13pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Jonathan McCabe

It’s slim pickings for a queer man in 2024. The line between straight and queer is increasingly blurred in a sea of tote bags, good fashion, and “bro time” – it’s hard to discern between a potential connection, and a guy who’s merely Metrosexual (but the Read more...

Critic Vs. Writer’s Block

Posted 4:00pm Saturday 11th May 2024 by Critic

It’s that time of year again: the born-and-bred Southlanders are starting to put on layers, all plans are “soft plans”, and everyone’s trying to get their shit together so badly that they’re ending up constipated. Exams are on the horizon, assignments are piling up and Read more...

Technically Legal: Weird Laws You May Not Have Heard Of

Posted 3:47pm Saturday 11th May 2024 by Adam Stitely

Otago students generally have a pretty laxed view on obeying Big Brother. After spending a few years living in North Dunedin, following the intricacies of the less serious side of the law starts to seem like more of a recommendation than an enforced hard line. Some laws, however, are downright Read more...

Opinion: Why We Need the “Sheatha”

Posted 3:42pm Saturday 11th May 2024 by Sam Garry

With the approach of the 130th Capping Show ‘Beezie’, it got the team at Critic Te Ārohi thinking. Every time we reference the stereotypical Otago student, we reach for the term “breatha”. And for good reason: they’re an easy mark with a well-established culture, Read more...

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