Issue 7, 2021


Building Studentsí Dream New Vice-Chancellor
Clubs Might Get Funding for Food Instead of Just Sports
DCC Denies Use of Sonic Weapon
DCC Proposing to Delay Tertiary Precinct Upgrade
India Singled Out in Travel Ban
OPINION: It's Time We Woke Up
Science Library Third Floor Converted to Offices
Shocking: Students Donít Engage With Student Politics
Someone Shat in the Zoo
Students Get COVID Vax
The George Street Dots Revisited
The Truth About the OUSA SGM
Thousands Protest About Climate Inaction
University Losing Money, Money, Money on Colleges During 2020
University Wants A New COC
Why the Hyde Themes Were Removed From Event Page


Shaky At Best: The New Zealand Earthquake Forecasting Page With Links to Pseudoscience
The Phone Games You Havenít Thought About Since 2013: A Review
The Wheel Slim Shady: Getting Around the Walk Your Wheels Policy


Booze Reviews: Cocktail Research and Development
Dear Critic...
EDITORIAL: Sign Up Club Should Absolutely Not Take Over OUSAís Meeting
Fuck, I Canít Cook!
Judith Collins Eyes Vice-Chancellorship
Millions of Questions, But Nobody AskedOtago How It Was Feeling
Moaningful Confessions
Rate or Hate


A Review of Lee Vandervisís Book
Community Law: Where Otago law students do something useful for once
Local Produce: Scott Tisdall Is Making Potatoes Instafamous
OPINION: Make Dunedin More Walkable
Power Ranking the Dunedin News Splinter Groups
Some Astrology Bullshit About ChlŲe Swarbrick
The Breatha Diet: a vape a day keeps the doctor away

18th April 2021