Issue 8, 2021


Building Sparks Animal Experiment Debate
Campus Awash In Mysterious Bad Smell
Cutlers Already Offering 2022 Castle St Leases
Facebook Threatens Democracy
Member Removed from OUSA Club For Sexual Misconduct
More than 300 People Jumped the Hyde Fence
OUSA Motions Pass in Long SGM
Rents to Rise Along With Landlord Saltiness
SOULS Raises $13000 for Relay for Life
Student Loses $750 at Casino After Hyde
Third of Anatomy Class Fails Exam On Their Own Bodies
University and OUSA Oppose Delay to Tertiary Precinct Upgrade
“Good Vibes” At Netsky-Ousa-Te Roōpu Māori Hui


24 Hours on Hyde: Before and After Dunedin’s Biggest Day Out
Baldwin Street: A Journey to Thickness (in the Heart and Soul)
Netflix and Chill: Films reviewed by people who watched them as foreplay


All “Young People on the Property Ladder” Actually Just One Landlord
Booze Reviews
Dear Critic...
EDITORIAL: Please someone open a bakery near campus
Fuck, I Can’t Cook!
Moaningful Confessions
North Islander Discovers the Hype Behind Cheese Rolls
Rate or Hate


A Critical Analysis: Why I Hate Barbie in My Scene Barbie Jammin’ In Jamaica (2004)
How to Avoid Killing Your Herbs: When, Where, How, and What to Grow
Local Produce: Night Lunch
Pussy Galore: A Conversation with Cat Rescue Dunedin
Renters United: Fighting for a Fair Deal for Renters
The Guide to being the Ultimate Fresher: the tips and tricks for getting through uni
University Courses If They Were Animal Crossing Villagers
What Dunedin Street Litter Are You?

25th April 2021