ODT Watch | Issue 10

ODT Watch | Issue 10

To start this week the ODT has a story about a time travelling child who was also inexplicably drafted into the armed services.

Either that or the ODT just made a characteristically insensitive ‘veteran’ pun.


It says a lot about sheep breeding as a talent that the ODT feels the need to immediately add that it’s not all the person can do.  


Next, the ODT wanted to draw attention to those society overlooks. 

Weaving alpacas together is a real skill, though the end result always seems to be strangely alpaca shaped.


I’m sure that went down well with someone trying to deal with multiple screaming children.


And finally, a three word title that could mean anything. 

This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2017.
Posted 2:57pm Sunday 7th May 2017 by Charlie O’Mannin.