ODT Watch | Issue 16

ODT Watch | Issue 16

Breaking The Fourth Wall

It was a big week for the ongoing love affair between Critic and the ODT. For the first time, at least in living memory, Critic got mentioned on the front cover, followed up a story about our Newsweek cover on page three. And not only did they mention us, but we got the full ODT pun treatment. Thanks guys.

Robbie Burns got shat all over this week, by both Dunedinís pigeons and the ODT pun machine. Sorry Robbie.

It wasnít all local coverage though. They made sure to take time to sum up the recent quickie divorce between Tom and Katie. Aaand yip, itís pun time!

And lastly, the ODT really wants you to go out and achieve your dreams, whatever they might be. Just donít set goals Ė as we all know, goals lead to an early grave.

This article first appeared in Issue 16, 2012.
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