ODT Watch | Issue 5

ODT Watch | Issue 5

Adelaide Encouraging Diabetes

Only in Otago do we get front-page headline news that a regional rugby player has become a new dad.

Be thankful if youíre a ginger and live in New Zealand rather than Tanzania, as more than 200 people have been arrested due to their association with the murders of albino people.

This supersized lamington takes the cake for headlines this week, with a one kilometre lamington being baked in Adelaide. Nothing like getting instant diabetes by eating one kilometreís worth of lamington.

I know what youíre thinking: pie day! But alas, no, I mean happy 3.1415 day! Any type of pie means itís a good day.

So apparently you can now build a personís DNA from 100-year-old jizz. Gabriele DíAnnunzio gave his semen-stained handkerchief as a parting gift to his lover. If this isnít true love, I donít know what is.
This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2015.
Posted 3:54pm Friday 27th March 2015 by Steph Taylor.