Issue 22, 2019


DCC Mayoral Forum Makes Critic Lose Faith In Democracy
Great Peanut Purge at Residential Colleges
Guest Editorial: Don't Just Learn Māori this Week, Learn It Every Week.
Harlene Tells High Schoolers to Piss Off
How Much Are Breathas Paying For Flats? A Critic Investigation
More CCTV rolling out on Castle
More Tenants Come Forward With Landlords Trying to Rent Boarding Houses on Illegal Contracts
OUSA To Lobby For Independent Investigator on Sexual Violence at Unis and Polytechs
OUSA To Solve Climate Change
Second Year Law Exam Timetable Mix-Up Creates 24 Hours of Panic
The Tea So Far: 2020 OUSA Executive Candidates
‘Near-Misses’ Provoked Walk Your Wheels Campaign, Rather than Actual Injuries


Critic Reviews North Dunedin’s Milkshakes and Only Throws Up Once
Sending Out an SOS: Understanding Basic Science is Mandatory if You Insist on Making Decisions that Affect the Environment
Sexual Assault in OUSA Clubs: Creating a Safe Space For All?
The Funny Bone of the Nation: A Chance Encounter With Comedian Tom Sainsbury
Waste Not, Want Not: The Abysmal Food Wastage in Our Halls


Clocktower Goblin Made Redundant as University Updates to Automated Bells
Critic Blind Date
Critic Booze Reviews
Local Goth Pleased to Find They’re Accidentally Supporting Thursdays in Black
ODT Watch
Study: Flatmate’s Dishes Date Back to the Neolithic Era
Top 10 Māori Songs You WIll 238% Hear At Māori Parties
UoO Moaningful Confessions
Wow! Impressive Local Boy Jumps Up and Touches Hanging Shop Sign on George Street


In order to heal
Students to Watch | Te Hau Ariki Gardiner-Toi and Karamea Pewhairangi
Te Huinga Tauira

8th September 2019