Issue 5, 2020


Turf War in the Hunter Centre
AUSA Copies OUSA’s Covid-19 campaign
Everything is Cancelled Including Keep Cups
Exchange Students Given Ultimatum to Return to Otago
International Students Locked Down In Dunedin Blame Uni
Kiwi Host Given 10 Hours to Move from Uni Flat
Lecturers Sneak Lectures Online Against Uni’s Wishes
New Vending Machines Filled With Ice Cream
Opinion: I Didn’t Want to Leave Dunedin
Opinion: Otago Fucked Up with Covid-19
OUSA Endorse Mysterious “Charter” That You Are Not Allowed to Know About
Students Resort to Typing Assignments on Phones
Students Still Waiting for StudyLink
Students Who Are Flatting Are Being Asked to Register with Otago Uni
Students Working in Hospo Fear for Their Jobs
Tenants caught in battle between Cutlers and CrestClean
Which Squiddies Chip Bag is the Best Value for Money? A Statistical Breakdown


American Exodus
Anxiety 101
Best Degrees to Ally With During the Apocalypse
Best Degrees to Ally With During the Apocalypse: Part Two
Give Nothing to Racism: A Year On.
Hospo Hell
How to Survive a Potential Post-Corona Dunedin Hellscape
Interior Design to Optimise Your Bedroom


Bone Apple Teeth: Focaccia
Booze Reviews
Just the Tip
Let Young People Celebrate, Even If the World Is Ending
Moaningful Confessions
Vape Review


A Tale of Two Servers: UniCol and Locals
Art Hoe Training
Essential Dealing: How Unlicensed Pharmacists Ensure a Clean Supply
How to Party 2 Meters Apart
How to Take Feet Pics
Kebab House
Seagulls: An Exposé
Students “In Limbo” Waiting for Covid-19 to Hit Campus
The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Flat Orgy
What to Do in Self-Isolation

22nd March 2020