How to Take Feet Pics

How to Take Feet Pics

For those of you whose casual employment is drying up and who are thinking about ways to make money from home by selling pictures of your feet, Critic has you covered.


The feet:

Literally any feet will do. The more natural, the better - leave those beautiful little toe hairs alone. If you are worried that your feet are too weird or gross looking, don’t be. Weird and gross feet are genuinely a thing that people are into. That is no excuse for poor foot health, though. Keep those dirty sluts clean. Invest in a good scrub or foot mask and a pair of those nail clippers that have a convenient nail file attached.


The setting:

Get comfy, you may be here for a while. The perfect shot takes time, and you don’t want to rush the work because you are sitting or lying at odd angles. There are many specialty pics you can take, and Critic recommends getting creative with your setting. So many foot models do it from home, if you mix it up a little the clientele will appreciate it.


The props:

You can just take a raw dog photo of your feet, but we recommend actually doing something with them. If you’re on a bed, for example, why not curl your toes in the duvet, or pull the sheets apart? Get some fabrics with different colours and textures to play with. If you pick a setting where you can get messy, we recommend using the fruit or veggies that your flatmates were planning to let rot in the fridge.


The lighting:

The more, the better. Some photographers will tell you that natural lighting is the only good lighting. Your instinct is correct: they’re being pretentious. You can’t guarantee good natural lighting, so don’t worry if you have to close the curtains and switch the light on. A good tip is to bring a lamp with you wherever you shoot so you can adjust the lighting angles if need be.


The shot:

Composition is the most important part of photography. You can have all the right pieces, but a shit shot will mess the whole thing up. Critic’s photographer Aiman suggests to play with as many different angles as you can, regardless of setting, props, and lighting: every new angle makes for a completely different (but sexy) foot story.

This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2020.
Posted 8:42pm Thursday 19th March 2020 by Critic.