Critic Blind Date | Inhale and Exhale

Posted 11:55pm Thursday 16th May 2019

The hopeful lovers on the Critic Blind Date are provided with a meal and a bar tab, thanks to Mamacita. If you’re looking for love and want to give the Blind Date a go, email   Inhale I had been keen to do the Blind Date for ages but it was the same night Read more...

UoO Moaningful Confessions | Fizzing At The Slit

Posted 11:51pm Thursday 16th May 2019

Had a sexual encounter that was unusual, scandalous, or spicy? Send in your moaningful confession to     One night after some drinks at a mate’s I’m feeling spicy, one of my flatmates is dead asleep and the other two are away for the weekend, so I Read more...

Top 10 Ways to Disappoint Your Parents

Posted 11:50pm Thursday 16th May 2019

1. Be the admin of a meme page 2. Be a white person with dreads 3. Spoil the last episode of Game of Thrones 4. Get in fights on Stuff article comments 5. Pretend your vibrator is actually your phone on silent mode 6. Drink Nitro 7. Wear your high school leavers jersey four years Read more...

ODT Watch | Issue 11

Posted 4:45pm Friday 10th May 2019

Not satisfied with merely bringing us the juiciest news, the ODT has delved into the realm of the mysterious.   Two possibilities: 1. rocks, sand, silt and biological matter in various states of decay, or 2. a smaller Lake Wakatipu. The monster down there has refused to Read more...

Top 10 Things to Say As You Cum

Posted 8:40pm Thursday 9th May 2019

Bazinga Cheeeeaaahoooooo This is the University of Otago Uh oh The warning siren that plays when the library is about to close Quotes from your favourite Vines The grunt Tim Allen makes from Home Improvement All the lyrics to The Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper aka Mr. C. The Slide Man Read more...

UoO Moaningful Confessions | Pissed Off

Posted 8:30pm Thursday 9th May 2019

The night started off like any other, pre drinking with the gals and as per usual we took things a little bit too far. We somehow made our way to town, and skipped the line and walked straight on into the bar. It was at this moment we locked eyes (first mistake). So, what started off with a girls Read more...

Horoscopes | Issue 11

Posted 8:15pm Thursday 9th May 2019

Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18 Please be patient; National Dairy Goat Awareness Week is next month. This week’s belated Mothers’ Day gift: ToeSox Grip Pilates Barre Socks-Non Slip Ankle Half Toe for Yoga and Ballet. Colour options include fuchsia, chill, retro, diamond freesia and Read more...

Critic Blind Date | Jacob Black and Edward Cullen

Posted 8:03pm Thursday 9th May 2019

The hopeful lovers on the Critic Blind Date are provided with a meal and a bar tab, thanks to Mamacita. If you’re looking for love and want to give the Blind Date a go, email     Jacob Black I turned up a couple minutes before my date, with a Read more...

The Great Critic Hall Food Review

Posted 7:52pm Thursday 2nd May 2019

Over the past few weeks Critic has been sneaking into halls to review their food. We are fully aware that you can just buy meals at most of the halls, but our lives were getting dull and we needed some adrenaline to make us feel alive again. Also the Critic budget has been exhausted of late by Read more...

UoO Moaningful Confessions | Admission to Submission

Posted 6:45pm Thursday 2nd May 2019

It all started with my drunken admission of my dream threesome with my two besties, Elle* and Jay*. To put this in context, my dry spell had lasted months and was now bleeding into my first year of Uni. Surprisingly this suggestion actually led somewhere. It is decided that the threesome shall be Read more...

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