Vape Review | Fresh Pressed Salts - Fruit Finale

Posted 8:22pm Thursday 30th July 2020

I know I’ve previously talked about how much I hate ambiguous vape flavours, but Fruit Finale is truly something else. It sounds so ominous and mysterious. I’ve reached the end of my vaping journey and have to battle against the big dog himself. This then leaves the question of which Read more...

Moaningful Confessions | Accidental Cougar

Posted 8:06pm Thursday 30th July 2020

I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 5 years after he cheated on me and naturally, I was feeling pretty horny. I went into Suburbia because I had to take a shit and it had the shortest line. I figured while I was inside I may as well do some dancing. I found the tallest man in the room Read more...

Moaningful Confessions | Bust a Fat Chuck

Posted 2:44pm Sunday 26th July 2020

So I had been talking to this guy for a couple of weeks and we had been really hitting it off and had already hooked up a few times. One Saturday night I was at a party and I invited him to come over, we spent the rest of the night together drinking and chatting. Eventually, I suggested going back Read more...

Vape Review | PachaMama Salts Fuji

Posted 1:02pm Sunday 26th July 2020

There’s nothing worse than a vape flavour that is morally ambiguous. In the name of the juice, you gotta tell us what the flavour is. How else are we meant to know what’s going into our lungs? While the PachaMama salts says that it's made from “the most desirable fruits on Read more...

The Bachelorettes

Posted 1:11pm Sunday 19th July 2020

Meet the girls vying for Jack Manning’s affections. Critic sent them to an OUSA meeting to check out the man in action, and get their first impression of the smouldering President.   Sophie I’m a third-year student majoring in Gender Studies and Minoring in Theatre. I am Read more...

Which Water Around Campus Is Tastiest?

Posted 7:53pm Thursday 16th July 2020

During a dusty darty one afternoon, I drank from the Leith river. It left me bedridden for a week with a fever and a cold sweat. Every flush of the toilet was literally flushing down what miniscule amounts of energy and happiness I had left. Student health diagnosed me with ‘ruining your Read more...

Vape Review | Duo Salts Kiwi and Strawberry

Posted 7:43pm Thursday 16th July 2020

What is with all fucking vape flavours and having either Kiwi or Strawberry? Like seriously, any sort of fruity vape flavour has one or the other, and I’m sick of it. Artificial Kiwifruit tastes like shit. I would rather rub the furry side of the skin on my tongue than have something kiwifruit Read more...

Moaningful Confessions | Never Trust a Softboi

Posted 7:41pm Thursday 16th July 2020

It was the eve of Hyde Street in the Year of Our Lord 2019. I was pretty recently single, flexing my newly found hoe muscles, and getting ready to dress like a tennis bitch and hit the streets. You know the drill, heavy drinking, a casual nip slip, way too many moustaches, and I was on the lookout Read more...

Vape Review | Duo Salts Apple and Watermelon

Posted 12:41pm Sunday 12th July 2020

Look, in all honesty, I hate fruit. I’ve never tried most fruits, and I never want to. People ask me why, and it’s mainly because the texture of fruit genuinely scares me. The feeling of biting into a crunchy apple or soft banana and feeling it in my mouth makes me gag. Artificial fruit Read more...

Moaningful Confessions | Week Two Without Porn - Desires of the E-Flesh

Posted 12:30pm Sunday 12th July 2020

Things were happening to my body this week. I never realised how weird masturbating without porn was until I forced myself to do it. Firstly, it was hard to get a good hard erection going. I could get one that just did the job, but it wasn’t the throbbing pleasure stick I wanted. I also found Read more...

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