Which Squiddies Chip Bag is the Best Value for Money? A Statistical Breakdown

Which Squiddies Chip Bag is the Best Value for Money? A Statistical Breakdown

By Sophia Carter Peters

Squiddies: an Otago student institution that supplies chips (and other things) for students of all dispositions and dietary requirements.

Squiddies has an impressive range of chip bag sizes available. The question: which one gets you maximum chip for minimum cash?

Using the statistical computing program R (thanks STATS115) and data collected by Critic staff, I have created a graph comparing the Grams per Dollar to Price of Chip. A pop poll of students in the shop itself revealed that shoestring fries are the favourite, so this is what we tested. We approximated that 10 fries is equal to 17 grams (±1.4 chip variation).

The largest increase in value from packet to packet was between the $2.50 bag and the $2.90 bag, with a $0.40 price difference and a 60% increase in the price to chip ratio. This means that your extra $0.40 will increase your chip consumption by over half.

From the $2.90 bag to the $7.30 bag the progression in value is a constant increase of 5 grams per dollar, and from the $7.30 to the $8.90 bag, there is a 10 gram per dollar increase, from 76 g/d to 86 g/d.

This confirms a significant difference between the most expensive and second most expensive. With a $1.60 price increase and an 80% increase in g/d, your best option is just to bite the bullet and get the big boys.

This wasn’t that surprising, but also it meant Critic got to monch on a lot of chip, so all in all a successful experiment.

This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2020.
Posted 6:50pm Thursday 19th March 2020 by Sophia Carter Peters.