Booze Reviews | Quarantini Selection

Booze Reviews | Quarantini Selection

Cold and Flu Supplements to Mix with Your Leftover St Paddy’s Day Whisky and a little bit of Redbull

I thought that cocktail - ‘Quarrantini’ – that was making its way around social media was fucking revolutionary. I decided to test out other cold and flu supplements that could work as cocktails. They all tasted bad. The least bad one was the blackcurrant Fisherman’s Friend mix, which was only about a 5/10. You’re welcome.

Heatheries® ‘Boost’, berry flavor.

Critic office consensus: “Smells like Ribena and children’s farts.”

2/10: A fruitburst’s nightmare of a demon fruitburst.

‘Witch Daddy’ potion, made by Radio One Station Manager Sean Norling.

Critic office consensus: “It’s like when you’ve finished throwing up everything in your belly and there’s just stomach acid left.” 

4/10 unless you feel like skipping straight to the miserable end of the night without all the fun bits in the middle. 

Fisherman’s Friend, blackcurrant flavor. 

Critic office consensus: “Like drinking whiskey then brushing your teeth.”

5/10: Easily the best one of the lot.

Heatheries® Vit C 500mg chewable tablet. 

Critic office consensus: “Like forbidden Berocca®.”

3/10: Off orange juice

This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2020.
Posted 3:19pm Sunday 22nd March 2020 by Critic.