David Seymour Shoots Nerf Guns, Discusses Student Life

Posted 9:55pm Saturday 10th April 2021 by Fox Meyer

David Seymour was on campus, and in an exclusive interview with Critic he revealed that he does not know how long six inches is.  When asked how many beer cans tall he believed himself to be, David did some quick maths based on the assumption that a can of beer was “about six inches Read more...

“Fear on Both Sides”: Students and Community March in Support of Burmese People

Posted 12:00pm Sunday 21st March 2021 by Fox Meyer

On Saturday 13 March, 60 people walked from the Train Station to Octagon in solidarity with the people of Myanmar. The mix of students and community members gave speeches and protested the military coup that took place in Myanmar on the first of February.  Eileen Corcoran of Radio One was at Read more...

OPINION: Priority Should Be Given to Māori Students When it Comes to Teaching Te Reo

Posted 1:23am Sunday 14th March 2021 by Annabelle Vaughan

The use of te reo Māori has been revived over the past five years. Both non-Māori and Māori are now open to learning the language. However, with this spike in popularity comes the need for the appropriate resources and infrastructure to ensure that anybody who wishes to learn te reo Read more...

James Shaw Talks Speight’s, Three-Ways, and Avoiding Political Roadkill

Posted 5:53pm Saturday 3rd March 2018 by Esme Hall

After losing his co-leader just before the 2017 general election, James Shaw was tasked with leading his party alone on a quixotic journey from outsiders to governors. Rather than riding in on a green wave, the party limped across the line, just squeezing above the 5% threshold required to keep Read more...

France’s State of Emergency Becomes Permanent

Posted 11:36am Sunday 8th October 2017 by George Elliott

In response to the spectre of terrorist attacks, France has made its current legal exceptions permanent, kicking the judiciary out of the process and expanding warrantless practices. A state of emergency has been in place since November 2015, when hundreds were killed or wounded in a coordinated Read more...

General Election Purgatory: Filling the Void with Speculation

Posted 10:18am Saturday 30th September 2017 by George Elliott

We are at a stage where, for all the analysis, all the hearsay and all the expertise, things are just uncertain. It’s both frustrating and rapturous; plain and radical. Winston Peters, the leader of NZ First, is waiting for the special votes to be finalised on 7 October and is consulting with Read more...

Post-election debrief: Dunedin North MP David Clark Speaks to Critic

Posted 10:25am Saturday 30th September 2017 by Joe Higham

Joe Higham: What are your thoughts on how the election campaign went? David Clark: It’s been a rollercoaster. When we began last November, we had a different leader and we had a plan we’d been working on for a couple of years, and it’s only a couple of months ago that we changed Read more...

Aung San Suu Kyi: Myanmar’s Fallen Angel

Posted 11:24am Sunday 24th September 2017 by George Elliott

Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto leader of Myanmar (a.k.a. Burma), was once the Asian darling of the Western liberal order. She was a saintly freedom fighter who would bring democracy (and presumably free enterprise) to a Southeast Asian nation that had been ruled by military dictatorships since 1962. Read more...

Sage Advice | Politics

Posted 2:37pm Sunday 17th September 2017 by Mat Clarkson

“Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III.” - Donald J. Trump, @realDonaldTrump “Tweets on Winston Peters NZ Politician” - Winston Peters, @winstonpeters   It’s that time again, Read more...

Critic’s Guide to the 2017 General Election

Posted 10:54am Sunday 10th September 2017 by Esme Hall

More young people have enrolled to vote than at this point in 2014. But, young people are still underrepresented in choosing New Zealand’s government. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s just that none of the parties really speak to us. Or they all do, in different ways. When Read more...

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