Totally Execrable

Posted 1:32pm Friday 3rd November 2017

After the usual formalities of OUSA Executive meetings, the group began with a discussion around the establishment of an ‘Internship Coordinator Position’, a proposal for which describes it as a 20 hour a week, fixed term, position to begin ideally from “early next year [but] could Read more...

Totally Execrable

Posted 11:07am Tuesday 17th October 2017

The ongoing debate over whether OUSA’s ‘Executive Travel Expense Policy’ is too frugal continued into Tuesday’s meeting, as Administrative Vice President William Guy reported back on the travel policies of other students’ association executives across New Zealand. Read more...

Smile, You’re on Camera

Posted 11:51am Sunday 8th October 2017

Imagine this: it’s early on a Sunday morning, and the sun is streaming in the window. It’s obnoxiously bright, and rouses you from your slumber; entangled up in a bed that isn’t yours. Who is that person snoring beside you? Where on earth are you? And why does your head hurt so Read more...

Critic Interviews: OUSA President Hugh Baird

Posted 11:13am Sunday 8th October 2017

OUSA President Hugh Baird speaks to Critic about what the successes and failures of his presidency, whether he considered running again, and his advice for President-elect Caitlin Barlow-Groome. Joe Higham: How different was the year from what you had expected it to be when you were in Read more...

OUSA Election Report Details Complaints of Discounted Chocolates, Harassment, and Media Bias

Posted 11:04am Sunday 8th October 2017

The OUSA Executive Elections had their fair share of controversy, and although Critic promised that we’d stopped talking about it, we lied. That’s because Kyla Mullen, OUSA’s Returning Officer for the election, has released her report, detailing the complaints she received and Read more...

Management of Change Proposal Could See Shakeup to Mental Health Treatment, Redundancies

Posted 10:53am Sunday 8th October 2017

Seven staff at Student Health could be made redundant if a proposal for a Management of Change (MoC) process is enacted in its current form. The proposal was submitted by University of Otago’s Director of Student Health Dr Kim Maiai, and claims the changes will allow Student Health to Read more...

Execrable | Issue 26

Posted 10:50am Sunday 8th October 2017

Colleges Officer James Heath wanted to know why the Executive were not told about OUSA’s ‘Great Silver Bullet Giveaway’ event (OUSA Give Away Van For One Year After Lengthy Competition), in which the association gave away a van for one year to the person who had their hand Read more...

Post-election debrief: Dunedin North MP David Clark Speaks to Critic

Posted 10:25am Saturday 30th September 2017

Joe Higham: What are your thoughts on how the election campaign went? David Clark: It’s been a rollercoaster. When we began last November, we had a different leader and we had a plan we’d been working on for a couple of years, and it’s only a couple of months ago that we changed Read more...

Liquor Store Owner Claims Unfairness as Planned New Store is Denied

Posted 9:36am Saturday 30th September 2017

The Dunedin District Licensing Committee has denied an application for the opening of another Super Liquor store at the site of the former McDuff’s Brewery on Great King Street. The applicants, McCarthy Enterprises, have breached the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 on seven previous Read more...

National Comfortably Win Party Vote at Two Uni Campuses

Posted 9:25am Saturday 30th September 2017

With the General Election now over and provisional results in, we have a wealth of data on the attitudes and politics of the nation’s cities, towns and suburbs. The results from the nation’s university campuses provide an interesting snapshot of party preferences, and some of the Read more...

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