Interior Design to Optimise Your Bedroom

Posted 3:15pm Wednesday 1st April 2020

Currently, very few students have the luxury of sprawling their stuff into various living rooms or home offices. Many only have their bedrooms to work with. The following is a guide to optimise the space you have, and turn it into the versatile space that all students deserve. 1. Keep your study Read more...

Hospo Hell

Posted 6:42pm Thursday 19th March 2020

Getting a part-time hospitality job is like being a first year in a hall. Not all do it, but for most people it is an inevitable and expected part of the University experience. From the outside, casual waitressing, bartending, cleaning, and serving, all seem like perfect, simple side-hustles to our Read more...

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Second Year Law*

Posted 6:53pm Thursday 12th March 2020

This goes out to all you freshers who have decided to take it upon yourselves to enrol in first year Law.  You’re anxious. You aren’t entirely sure why you’re here or what your future holds. Did you decide to take Law because you and your inflated ego think you’re better Read more...

Up and Cuming: Burger Plant

Posted 6:49pm Thursday 12th March 2020

In recent months, anyone who has driven down Great King Street has probably noticed the absence of Golden Sun Takeaways. The once iconic, always faithful fish and chip institution has instead been replaced by a mysterious new building named ‘Burger Plant’. Upon noticing this dramatic Read more...

The Great Annual Flo and O Week Party Review

Posted 1:56am Friday 28th February 2020

The two-week self-induced bender, also known as Flo and O week is a time of awakening, connection and chlamydia. The second years shed their fresher selves, the third years prepare for their final send, and the fourth years aren’t there because they’re too old and depressed. And the Read more...

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Annabelle Vaughan

Staff Writer