How to Judge a Goon by its Cover

Posted 6:06pm Sunday 11th August 2019

Over the last year I’ve recorded what animals are printed on the labels of 250 bottles of wine. I figured, “those expensive wines usually have something majestic like a deer or an eagle on them”. I wanted to figure out if expensive wines have certain animals on them, and if cheap Read more...

Bespoke Quotes from Soaked Oats

Posted 11:19pm Thursday 4th July 2019

When Oscar was a kid, he bumped ‘90s hip-hop. He ran on the sidewalks of St. Albans in Christchurch. Now, he’s in a band with three of his mates. You might’ve heard of them - Soaked Oats. Soaked Oats are the brains behind songs like “Avocado Aficionado” and Read more...

Ranking the Rocks in the Geology Museum on their Chakra Alignment

Posted 7:14pm Thursday 2nd May 2019

Geology. The study of the terrestrial, of rocks and minerals, the earthy matter of the planet we all know and love. Yet what if this terrestrial study was in fact more extra… terrestrial? The rocks - minerals, actually - housed in the geology building are stored behind ancient glass panes Read more...

Spider Infestation Season Hits North Dunedin

Posted 9:36pm Thursday 4th April 2019

“I realised I couldn’t get rid of them so I sorta just let them live here now.” This is the stellar attitude of the self-proclaimed “Spider Queen of North Dunedin.” Many North D flatters have reported an up-swing in the residential arachnid population. This comes at Read more...

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