Long Live the King

Long Live the King

According to over 150 Critic readers, these are the definitive King’s Cup rules for Otago students:

2: You, with 93.6%.

Nominate a drink.

3: Me, with 93.6%. 

You must drink.

4: Whores, with 61.8%. 

People identifying as female must drink.

5: House Rules, with 70.0%.

Whatever you want.

6: Dicks, with 61.8%.

People identifying as male must drink.

7: Heaven, with 91.8%.

Last player to point up must drink.

8: Mate, with 97.3%.

Nominate a mate for the rest of the game. When you drink, they drink. You may create chains of mates.

9: Rhyme, with 94.5%.

The card-drawer starts with a word, and players go around the circle rhyming it until someone fucks up or repeats a rhyme.

10: Categories, with 57.3%.

The card-drawer starts a category with an example, and then players go around the circle adding examples until someone fucks up or repeats an example.

Jack: New Rule, with 31.8%.

Create a new rule for the rest of the game.

Queen: Question Master, with 85.5%.

Until someone else draws a Queen, you are the Question Master and anybody who answers a question of yours must drink. If they respond with “fuck you Question Master,” you must drink.

King: Some variation of ‘Add to King’s Cup,’ 98.3%.

When a king is drawn, donate to the King’s Cup. The fourth king drawn must finish the King’s Cup, and thus also the game.

Ace: Waterfall, with 89.1%.

The card-drawer starts drinking, then the person to their left, and so on. When everyone is drinking, the card-drawer may stop, and then the person to their left may stop, and so on.

This article first appeared in Issue 0, 2024.
Posted 4:17pm Monday 19th February 2024 by Fox Meyer.