Stitch Kitchen: a Local Solution to a Global Problem

Posted 10:53pm Saturday 17th August 2019 by Nina Minogue

Fast fashion is an issue that is so big it sometimes feels hopeless. So much so that in first year after I watched a Netflix documentary called The True Cost I swore a silent oath that I wouldn’t buy any new clothing for a year. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to Read more...

Otago’s Best Dressed Lecturers

Posted 10:48pm Saturday 17th August 2019 by Phillip Plant

Critic tracked down the lecturers with the hottest threads and awkwardly got them to talk to us about what makes their style so fresh. As any postgrad knows, it's much better to sniff lecturers out and catch them by surprise in the real world - that way they don't have time to ghost your Read more...

The Fashion of the OUSA Executive

Posted 10:33pm Saturday 17th August 2019 by Sinead Gill

The OUSA Exec is there to represent us as students, and a big part of that comes with how they present themselves to the general public. Clothes are the window to the soul, so what better way to get to know the Exec than by roasting their fashion sense. Critic cornered the Exec when they least Read more...

Harlene Hayne / Get The Look

Posted 10:31pm Saturday 17th August 2019 by Chelle Fitzgerald

“Regatta Chic Harlene” (pictured above) Harlene is here pictured pretending she cares about rowing by pouring a magnum of bubbly over a rowboat. Yes, that’s how you do the rowing, Harlene. Well done.  You win cox. Readers can get the look by purchasing black clothing Read more...

An Impulse Purchas

Posted 9:55pm Saturday 17th August 2019 by Caroline Moratti

Even if you haven’t heard of Sam Purchas, chances are you’ve seen him. When he’s not running unsuccessful campaigns for ACT MP of Dunedin North, he’s strutting around university in bright floral suits, polyester red coats, and paisley shirts. In a town full of Huffer surf Read more...

How to Judge a Goon by its Cover

Posted 6:06pm Sunday 11th August 2019 by Fox Meyer

Over the last year I’ve recorded what animals are printed on the labels of 250 bottles of wine. I figured, “those expensive wines usually have something majestic like a deer or an eagle on them”. I wanted to figure out if expensive wines have certain animals on them, and if cheap Read more...

When Harmful Drinking is the Norm

Posted 6:00pm Sunday 11th August 2019 by Chelle Fitzgerald

In late 2016, I decided to become one with wellness and stop drinking - I wanted to excel at uni, improve my health, and have more energy. I wasn’t some stereotypical rock-bottom drinker who had ruined relationships and career prospects by drinking, but the thought of a social situation Read more...

Dunnaz Inspired Cocktail Kiwiana (D.I.C.K.)

Posted 5:31pm Sunday 11th August 2019 by Saskia Rushton-Green

Marmitini (pictured above) An iconic Kiwi cocktail, this should be on every local up and coming mixologist’s list of drinks to master. Ingredients: 150mL Seager’s Lime Twisted gin 24mL dry Vermouth 1 generous drop of Marmite To garnish: Marmite toast Read more...

The Great Critic Pub Crawl

Posted 5:12pm Sunday 11th August 2019 by Sinkpiss Plath

My loves, I am writing this to you from a pit of deep despair: my bathroom floor. I’ve been here for what feels like hours. It’s the early morning and I can see the sun rise if I position my head at a three quarter angle over the toilet bowl. It’s a beautiful day. I wrench the last Read more...

Nightmare Lives of RAs 2: The Revenge

Posted 8:33pm Sunday 4th August 2019 by Caroline Moratti

*Zoe is a Residential Assistants (RA) at a hall of residence owned by the University of Otago. This year, Zoe works at an hourly rate of $17.70, which is minimum wage, for 34 hours a fortnight. Her take-home pay per fortnight is $564, while her hall of residence rent is $690, leaving her with a Read more...

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