Exclusive Interviews with the Cats of North Dunedin

Posted 4:35pm Sunday 4th October 2020 by Elliot Weir

Cats. The muse of many art forms, from 2011 internet memes to 2019 musicals that you really shouldn’t watch high. Unfortunately, most students have neither the time nor the home to house any pets so when we see one of the many cats wandering the streets of North Dunedin we take all the Read more...

The Ultimate Guide to Pulling an All Nighter

Posted 4:30pm Sunday 4th October 2020 by Annabelle Vaughan

With exams and end of year assignments rapidly approaching, it’s highly likely you are going to have to pull an all nighter or 12. Maybe you’ve had to pull one due to your terrible time management, or your ability to procrastinate literally any university related task, or maybe you have Read more...

Working in the Sun: Top Jobs to Get Cause Rentís Still Due in January.

Posted 4:18pm Sunday 4th October 2020 by Jack Gilmore

Well guys, the time has come. University is drawing to a close, the weather’s getting warmer, Bunnings have put up the inflatable Santa. Summer is upon us. Everyone loves summer. You can go swimming in a lake, listen to Bat Fangs single “Boy of Summer”, have a long walk through the Read more...

Studying Yourself

Posted 9:50pm Thursday 24th September 2020 by Kaiya Cherrington

Content warning: mentions eating disorders, self-image, and body dysmorphia Sitting in a lecture hall, Alex* goes about their day like usual, with the expectation to learn about their body and how food can affect them. What Alex didn’t expect, is the unintentional resurgence of negative Read more...

#De-Gender Fashion

Posted 9:30pm Thursday 24th September 2020 by Naomii Seah

From women wearing men’s tailored suits in the 1920s, to the sequins and disco-glamour of the 70s, to the new forms of androgynous fashion in the noughties and beyond, queerness and fashion have a long and complex history. In 2020, that relationship is even more evident, with the influence of Read more...

Why is Town So Shit? An Investigation

Posted 4:56pm Sunday 20th September 2020 by Elliot Weir

It's no secret that Dunedin has flat parties good enough to make boomers get mad on the news. But when it comes to going into town, we’re a bit shit compared to anywhere else. With only a couple of clubs, long lines, minimal food options, and a student body that can't actually afford Read more...

The Mothras: a Review of OUSAís Long Lost Film Festival

Posted 4:47pm Sunday 20th September 2020 by Annabelle Vaughan

Back in the good old days, OUSA held an annual student film festival called the Mothras. It was created by student Stephen Hall-Jones in ‘91 and lasted a whole two decades before being ruthlessly taken from us for being too expensive and timely to produce. R.I.P.  Originally sponsored by Read more...

How to Pretend you know E-Sports

Posted 9:42pm Thursday 17th September 2020 by Anon

As American Baseball All-Star Sean Doolittle said, “sports are like the reward of a functioning society”. We recognise the trials of athletes as an achievement for life being normal. Unfortunately, life is not normal right now. Now that traditional sports are no longer as massive as they Read more...

Learning Te Reo Māori as a Māori Student

Posted 10:48pm Thursday 10th September 2020 by Kaiya Cherrington

Te reo Māori is an official language of Aotearoa, but has only been recognised as such since 1987. For Māori, their language has always been the ‘official’ one. For Māori in the early 1900s, most notably before the World Wars, te reo was their first language. However Read more...

Post-Colonial Faith

Posted 10:36pm Thursday 10th September 2020 by Naomii Seah

“Māori theology is spiritual, but it’s also political.” Māori religion and theology has a long and complex history in Aotearoa New Zealand. Importantly, conversion of Māori to Christianity during the 1830s benefitted increasing Crown interest in land speculation: Read more...

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