Sustainable Student Business Gets National Interest

Posted 11:02pm Saturday 17th August 2019

The University said that new sustainable Otago student-led business ‘Spout Alternatives’ should tender for the University’s milk contract when the current supplier’s three-year contract ends. Spout Alternatives founder Jo Mohan told Critic that cafes all over the country Read more...

“Incident” with Richardson Building Lift

Posted 11:00pm Saturday 17th August 2019

An “incident” with one of the Richardson Building lifts that made a loud crash was not the lift falling, according to the Property Services spokesperson. “Whilst Property Services is awaiting its full report from the Lift Contractor (Otis), we can advise the lift car did not Read more...

Korean Bible “Cult” Returns to Campus

Posted 10:59pm Saturday 17th August 2019

International students allege they were targeted by a controversial Korean religious group, described by many as a cult, that has been trespassed from campus. Sela and Mele, residents of a St David’s Street UniFlat, allege two young Korean people knocked on their door with an iPad and a Read more...

Who Owns Castle Street? A Critic Investigation

Posted 6:07pm Sunday 11th August 2019

Most student flats in the stretch of Castle Street from Dundas to Duke and Brook Street are owned by Dunedin locals, a Critic investigation found after trawling through a lot boring information. Of the sixty-three flats whose owners’ information was publicly available, forty-three had local Read more...

Cutlers Property Management Threatens Students For Talking to Critic

Posted 9:19pm Sunday 4th August 2019

Cutlers Property Management threatened to share current Cutlers tenants’ names and address in a Facebook post if they didn’t retract negative comments made to Critic about their flat. Last Tuesday Critic requested comment from Cutlers about claims made by current tenants in a Queen Read more...

Former OUSA Presidents Hit Up Harlene for CV References

Posted 4:35am Friday 26th July 2019

Vice-Chancellor Harlene Hayne has provided written references for one OUSA President and one OUSA Executive member since August 2011, according to records obtained via the Official Information Act.  To the best of her recollection, she has also provided verbal references for two further OUSA Read more...

A Win for OUSA Insiders in the Exec By-Election Results

Posted 3:33am Friday 26th July 2019

Georgia Mischefski-Gray is the new Admin VP, Benjamin McCook-Weir is the new Campaigns Officer and Matthew Schep is new Postgraduate Officer in a by-election Critic is calling a win for OUSA insiders. Hoping it’ll catch on. Probably won’t. All the new Exec members are OUSA adjacent. Read more...

Agnew Street Party Organisers Want a More Controlled Party than Last Year

Posted 6:15pm Thursday 25th July 2019

The student organisers of the Agnew Street Party are trying to make this year’s party safer after last year’s got out of hand. One of the organisers said the Proctor, Dave Scott, has been “an absolute legend” in helping them figure out how to make the now seemingly annual Read more...

Critic Gets Street Sign Spelling Error Corrected

Posted 6:14pm Thursday 25th July 2019

Critic corrected a spelling mistake not in our magazine, but in real life. We’re cool, promise.  Since 26 April, the street sign on Ethel McMillan Pl has read “Ethel McMillian Pl”. Critic’s intrepid reporter stared at the sign for weeks wondering if they’d Read more...

Advocacy Groups Have “No Empathy” for Landlords Scrambling to Insulate Properties

Posted 3:17am Friday 19th July 2019

Local advocacy groups are disappointed in landlords who left it to the last minute to insulate the underfloor and ceilings of rental homes for the July 1st deadline, which they had three years to meet. Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act mean that from July 1st rental homes must have ceiling Read more...

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