Residents Said Uni Best Practice Not Enough to Prevent or Discipline Sexual Violence at Knox

Posted 1:11am Friday 12th April 2019

CONTENT WARNING: rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment     Multiple survivors of sexual violence from Knox College reached out to Critic since our last story, and their experiences show the University of Otago’s sexual misconduct procedures were not applied consistently Read more...

Opinion: OUSA Exec Meetings Are So Wholesome Itís Cringe

Posted 6:19pm Thursday 11th April 2019

Are you sitting there wondering why we haven’t reported very much on this year’s OUSA Exec? Yeah, thought not. But, for the three of you who actually care, it’s because they’re being so nice to each other there’s no juicy drama to report. The apparent harmony of the Read more...

What Should OUSA Use the Second Floor of the University Bookshop For?

Posted 2:01am Friday 5th April 2019

Ever wondered what was upstairs from the University Bookshop on Great King Street? Critic can reveal that it is currently a beautiful 500 square metres of untapped potential. We believe that since student fees helped OUSA buy the building a few weeks ago, it should be up to students to decide what Read more...

For Those of Us Left Behind: How to Grieve

Posted 11:14pm Thursday 28th March 2019

Content warning: suicide, Christchurch shooting     My best friend committed suicide in 2017. When I started working at Critic the following year, I wanted to write about grieving that irrevocable loss. I wanted to do something with my pain. Scrape it off me and mould it into Read more...

Two Muslim Chaplains Added to Chaplaincy Team

Posted 9:55pm Thursday 28th March 2019

The University Chaplaincy Services are welcoming two part-time volunteer Muslim chaplains, one man and one woman, onto their team as of Monday 1st April. University Chaplain Reverend Greg Hughson said that the role of the new chaplains, Najib Lafraie and Hajjah Salmah Kassin, will be to offer Read more...

Uni Replaces Health Sci Papers with Anatomy and Physiology for Physical Education Students

Posted 9:52pm Thursday 28th March 2019

The University has introduced Anatomy and Physiology papers into the first year Physical Education curriculum, replacing PHSE191 and PHSE192, which were based on Health Sci papers HUBS191 and HUBS192. The change is part of the School of Physical Education Sport and Exercise Sciences major Read more...

Display Name Spoofing Scam Hits University Staff

Posted 9:49pm Thursday 28th March 2019

The University has issued a warning that its staff be careful after a spate of ‘display name spoofing’ scams. University staff have been receiving emails where the display name is made out to be that of a senior staff member, while the actual email address has no relationship to the Read more...

Sexual Assault and Rape Went Undisciplined at Knox College

Posted 12:34am Friday 15th March 2019

CONTENT WARNING: rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment     A Critic investigation has revealed multiple instances of sexual assault and rape at Knox College where college leadership failed to take action despite incidents being reported to management. Critic spoke to four Read more...

Uni Flats Residents Unhappy with Unexpected Landlord Visits

Posted 10:34pm Thursday 7th March 2019

Uni Flats residents have complained of unannounced visits from landlords and Property Services. Uni Flats is the University of Otago’s housing service for international students, where a local ‘Kiwi Host’ lives with a group of international students. Its goal is to “ensure Read more...

UniCol Drops Residential Assistant Numbers While Piling on Academic Work

Posted 10:29pm Thursday 7th March 2019

University College (UniCol) has only hired 18 Residential Assistants (RAs) this year, down from 21 last year, and has given the RAs more responsibility for academic mentoring on top of their pastoral care role. Master Andy Walne said, “University College did not seek to reduce the number of Read more...

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