Execrable (Feat. Vice Chancellor Harlene Hayne) | Issue 10

VC not "running a toy company and hating children."

The OUSA Executive meeting held on 29 April was attended by the University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne, whose presence may have rendered the Executive slightly less audible than in previous meetings.

During her visit she said she didn’t “think we should be afraid to knit the relationship [between OUSA and the University],” and suggested the Executive think of other ways the two parties can support each other. She said there should be no concern about subsequent Vice Chancellors not sharing her views on the relationship, and likened the absurdity of being a VC and not identifying with student life to someone “running a toy company and hating children.” She found common ground with OUSA in regard to the submissions on the governance changes to University Councils and gave her congratulations for another successful Hyde St, saying it is clear the party is now “substantially better than before OUSA got involved.”

OUSA’s involvement in this year’s general election was heralded as “fantastic” by the VC, who encouraged the Executive “to go hell for leather on this,” saying that it should be very clear on election night that Otago had participated, demonstrating that “there are more students here than people living in Oamaru.” Ruby was equally enthusiastic given that it was one of her campaign objectives.

With the VC’s visit drawing to a close, another guest entered with Danny Fridberg from the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies having his peer mediation programme for students received with general enthusiasm from the executive. A discussion with Student Support was to be organised to see if the programme would complement the current Student Support service.

Nali sent her apologies after finally completing her quarterly report, the original of which only covered part one. While it was almost a month late, the report was received and Ruby advised her to make sure this doesn’t happen again because it “gets a bit awkward.”

Minutes from multiple committee meetings were received, during which Nali acknowledged the Welfare Committee are still without a men’s or women’s representative, although the vacancies were soon to be filled. Minutes from the Finance and Expenditure Committee (FEC) revealed Kurt was appointed to the Committee “because he knows shit about finance,” according to Nick.

The Executive appointed Laura and Kamil to the Robert Burns & Frances Hodgkins Fellowship Selection Committees, respectively. The meeting ended with a soothing rendition of “Kumbaya” floating in from an adjacent room, and reminded everyone that even a two million dollar upgrade of the Recreation Centre won’t give you soundproof rooms.
This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2014.
Posted 4:20pm Sunday 4th May 2014 by Claudia Herron.