ODT Watch | Issue 13

ODT Watch | Issue 13

Speak in tongues like alley cats

This article goes on to lament the burnt-out couches, empty booze bottles and pigsty houses, rhetorically questioning if decimating Dunedin in the name of having fun is really desirable. We’d like to point out this man’s first and foremost mistake: taking a Sunday drive through Castle Street (?!) If you were hoping for pleasant scenery you most certainly came to the wrong place, buddy.

Thanks for pimpin’ our rides, Dunedin City Council!

This poor lady: after reconciling herself to life as a bona fide cat lady with a mere 37 cats living in her city home, Invercargill District Court goes and demands she re-home some of her pets due to the “nuisance” they were causing. She rightly refused: the bond between cat lady and her cats goes deeper than the law.

One of those days? I think you mean every day, ODT.

Cats are known to bring home dead birds, half-alive mice and bloody rabbits, but this epic cat brought home a bag of weed to its owner. Where did this cat get trained and how can we get our hands on one? On a side note, terrible heading from the ODT: we recommend they don’t attempt to channel cat thoughts next time.

Pretending to be a Holocaust survivor? New low. But we’re wondering how anyone actually believed a young Jewish girl fled into the woods and was adopted by wolves until the end of World War II.
This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2014.
Posted 2:07pm Sunday 25th May 2014 by Kristen Stewart and Allison Hess.