ODT Watch | Issue 06

ODT Watch | Issue 06

Drinking is Destructive

So that’s why they’re tearing up the Leith! Get your sledge hammers out – we’re going to be rich!

You’re giving us mixed messages here, ODT. We thought destruction was meant to boost profits ... Instead an 11-year-old apple merchant is now financially ruined.

High expectations for this year’s Hyde Street; all eyes are on Scarfies to scull their way to the top ... or unconsciousness – whichever comes first.

Abraham Lincoln championed the abolishment of slavery, Kate Sheppard fought for women’s suffrage and Martin Luther King Jr. strove for black civil rights; the Dunedin City Council hopes to stand alongside those great civil rights movements by defending canine liberty.

Giggity giggity giggity! Did they think this one through? On a more serious note, Critic remains baffled that after all these years, sports teams with women members must always be labeled as such while men’s teams are considered the norm.
This article first appeared in Issue 6, 2014.
Posted 7:01pm Sunday 30th March 2014 by Allison Hess and Kristen Stewart.