ODT Watch | Issue 03

ODT Watch | Issue 03

Of bananas and cannabis

Banana supply hits skids

This front page story about the tragic three-week shortage of bananas encapsulates what the ODT is all about … hard hitting journalism, understated exposés and, of course, first-rate puns.

Patton explained he had been a cannabis smoker for many years

This man was caught cultivating and possessing cannabis in his home. Lesson to be learned? If you’re going to do something illegal, have a quality excuse like this one ready to back yourself up in court.

Offences by students drop 48% in yearStudent social gathering shut down

Bet there was some teeth-gritting when this was written. But, to ensure the student reputation wasn’t overly amended, a rather sulky ODT made sure to include this accusing article on the very same page. It huffs about “excessive noise,” “bottles being thrown” and “students causing traffic hazards,” ensuring readers know students are still rampant hooligans.

Paedophile to be strictly monitored

The tables have been turned; let’s see how this paedophile likes being observed by an unwelcome onlooker.
This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2014.
Posted 4:35pm Sunday 9th March 2014 by Allison Hess.