Issue 10, 2019


Cumberland College Replaces Reflective Bathroom Ceiling Tiles After ‘Peeping Tom’ Allegations
Cutlers Pulled ‘Exploitative’ Campaign and Apologised Within Two Hours of Media Attention
DCC Already Back on Their Paid-Parking Bullshit
Editorial: Critic Announces Bold Plan to Make the OUSA Referendum Suck Less, Again
OUSA Pushing for Central to be Open Until Midnight
Series of Well-Known Flat Signs Stolen in North Dunedin
The University is Selling Your Email Account to Evil Corporations That Are Trying to Steal Your Soul and Turn You Into a Corporate Drone
University Upgrading Wi-Fi Network
Yarns With Otago Uni’s #1 Food Trucker
‘What I Was Wearing’ Exhibition Shares Personal Stories of Sexual Violence


Meeting the Trainers of Dunedin: the Pokémon Go Capital of New Zealand
Ranking the Rocks in the Geology Museum on their Chakra Alignment
The Great Critic Hall Food Review


American Exchange Student Really Excited to Show You Their New Tattoo
Classmate You Think is Smart Actually Just Blindly Confident
Critic Blind Date
Critic Booze Reviews
It’s Time to Return All the Dishware You’ve Been Hoarding in Your Bedroom to the Kitchen
ODT Watch
Rebellious Vaper on Campus Claims They “Don’t Give A Fuck, Man”
Top 10 ways to tell someone you have an STI
UoO Moaningful Confessions


Going Hard: The Rowing Club’s Paralympian Programme
Michael Rose: Life in Biro
Students to Watch: Taylor Rose Terekia
Superfly Superspy
Superfly Superspy - The Conclusion
The Best Places to Cry Around Uni: A Critic Investigation

5th May 2019