Series of Well-Known Flat Signs Stolen in North Dunedin

Series of Well-Known Flat Signs Stolen in North Dunedin

Breathas trying to upgrade street sign collection

Several North Dunedin flat signs have been stolen throughout April. The thieves are rumoured to be two rival Castle Street flats in a competition to see who can steal the most flat signs. Currently, Critic is aware of at least four stolen signs.

The thefts were well planned. One stolen sign, The Birdcage, was stolen despite being both zip-tied and chained to the flat. The residents are adamant that scissors, or even pliers, would have been needed to remove the sign. Residents of another targeted flat, The Hoe-tel, said that their sign would have been out of reach without the use of a ladder.

Dave Towers, landlord of The Birdcage, expressed a great appreciation for Dunedin flatting culture, and the fun of naming a flat. Towers said “hopefully the person who took it is another student, and will return it given the work put into it by their fellow students ... and also hopefully they have the ‘smarts’ to realise that if they don't return it, they are eroding the unique student culture that only Dunedin uni has.”

Residents of The Hoe-tel were understanding of the theft, but still want their sign back. One flatmate said, “if the thieves have a grand plan for all of these signs, maybe that’s kind of funny. But if they just end up not being heard of again then I’m mad.” Another Hoe-tel resident suggested a peace offering: “we will buy them Maccas as a reward and they can be the Hamburglars”.

Police have confirmed that they have received no reports about the stolen signs. However, a University spokeswoman said Campus Watch have received one report of a stolen sign, but no individual offender or offenders have been identified so far. The spokeswoman also stated that “anyone with information about missing flat signs is welcome to contact the Proctor’s office”.

This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2019.
Posted 10:04pm Thursday 2nd May 2019 by Wyatt Ryder.