Students Sent to Proctor for Hayward College-Themed Meme Pages

Posted 10:35pm Thursday 16th May 2019

Last week two Facebook meme pages, “Hoyword College Memes” and "Hoyword Confessions, were unpublished from the site and their admins were sent to the Proctor. The admins of the pages were told by Hayward College staff to remove the pages to avoid getting in trouble. The primary Read more...

Stolen Flat Signs Returned, Others Still Missing

Posted 12:33am Friday 10th May 2019

Early last week the stolen sign for The Birdcage flat was returned to their doorstep. One of the residents managed to contact a friend of the thief, who convinced them to return the sign. When The Birdcage residents contacted the suspected thief directly, they denied the allegations and told the Read more...

Series of Well-Known Flat Signs Stolen in North Dunedin

Posted 10:04pm Thursday 2nd May 2019

Several North Dunedin flat signs have been stolen throughout April. The thieves are rumoured to be two rival Castle Street flats in a competition to see who can steal the most flat signs. Currently, Critic is aware of at least four stolen signs. The thefts were well planned. One stolen sign, The Read more...

80s Playboys: Reviewing the Sins of Our Fathers

Posted 9:25pm Thursday 25th April 2019

I’ve never really considered myself a classy man. The last time I wore a blazer was to the Hayward College Ball in 2017. The closest I’ve gotten to smoking a cigar is trying a ten dollar disposable vape out the back of The Bog. I don’t really understand what liqueur is, and I Read more...

Is Hayward Haunted? An Investigation Based Purely on Rumour and Speculation

Posted 10:31pm Thursday 28th March 2019

It’s always been a difficult task to pin down a ghost. Developments in science and technology have led many people to believe that ghosts aren’t real. Despite this, rumours of spooky happenings still manage to spread throughout our society, and colleges are hotbeds of rumour. In a Read more...

The Critic Guide to Relaxing Around Campus

Posted 11:07pm Thursday 21st March 2019

The life of a student is a life of stress. Countless classes, assignments and exams will all get the better of us sooner or later. Things are hard sometimes. That’s why you deserve to take a minute to sit with your friends and kick back. There are lots of places around Uni that can help you Read more...

Proctorial Justice Stocks Removed For 150th Exhibition

Posted 6:40pm Thursday 7th March 2019

The Proctorial Justice stocks were removed from outside the Proctor’s Office in mid-January to be included in a historical exhibition for the University’s 150th anniversary. A University spokeswoman said, “The removal of the stocks was unrelated to the protest held outside Read more...

The Best Vending Machine on Campus: A Critic Investigation

Posted 6:23pm Thursday 7th March 2019

University is hard work. Fortunately, our corporate overlords have placed easy access to delicious food and refreshing beverages all over campus. Quenching yourself has never been easier, but how do you know which machine to use?  The nearly twenty vending machines available on campus can be Read more...

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