Restoring Voting Rights to Prisoners: What Students have to Say

Posted 7:31pm Thursday 21st May 2020

New Zealand’s prisoners have been unable to vote in elections for the last ten years. The law that removed their ability to vote was passed in 2010. At the time, the Ministry of Justice estimated that 27,000 Kiwis lost the right to vote. Since then, the New Zealand’s Human Rights Read more...

Proctorial Justice Stocks Just Vibing in University Storage

Posted 7:27pm Thursday 21st May 2020

The University has the Proctorial Justice stocks tucked away in storage, and it looks like that’s where they’re staying. The stocks were removed during the first weeks of 2019, when they were loaned out to the Otago Museum as a feature in their Dare to Be Wise exhibition. The Read more...

Eating My Backyard: Can Foraged Foods Make a Delicious Dinner?

Posted 3:58pm Sunday 10th May 2020

I’ve always liked the idea of growing my own food, but I am a very lazy man. Last week, though, I had a realisation: I’m already growing food. If animals can eat weeds, why can’t I? I grew up rural, so I had a vague idea of what was out there in terms of edible weeds. I did a Read more...

Alcoholics Are Struggling During Lockdown, and Our Social Media Habits Are Making It Worse

Posted 12:10pm Monday 27th April 2020

Social media is the go-to place for keeping in touch with loved ones over the lockdown. But with an increase in alcohol related content online, alcoholics are struggling to stay sober and connected.  Tom Tremewan has been sober for two years and four months. He said that the Covid-19 Read more...

Lime: A Year of Outlash, Antics, and Scooting

Posted 10:54am Wednesday 15th April 2020

It’s been over one year since Lime hit the streets of Dunedin. Students rejoiced when the pavement was filled with the bright green toys on 10 January 2019.  Students wondered: do you ride in the cycle lane? On the street? On the pavement? Nobody knew, and nobody cared. Anarchy reigned Read more...

International Students Locked Down In Dunedin Blame Uni

Posted 4:37pm Friday 3rd April 2020

Some international students stuck in Dunedin for lockdown are frustrated by the lack of Covid-19 communication from the University. Anthony is a dentistry student from Canada. He lives in a Uni Flat with two other international students. Their Kiwi Host left for the lockdown. In the week of the Read more...

A Tale of Two Servers: UniCol and Locals

Posted 8:48pm Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good and evil. Light and dark. Yin and yang. Mine and craft.  There are few things in life more wondrous than the joy of sharing a beautiful blocky world with your friends. All the epic gamers who haven’t got the new Animal Crossing are spending their lockdown on Minecraft. This Read more...

Tenants caught in battle between Cutlers and CrestClean

Posted 12:27pm Sunday 22nd March 2020

Several students who rented with Cutlers in 2019 are waiting to receive their full bonds back because of a dispute over cleaning bills. A group of six tenants were issued a cleaning bill for $879.50 by Cutlers Property Management. That bill has turned out to be just one of many large bills issued Read more...

New Building for Health Sciences Remains a Mystery

Posted 1:27pm Saturday 7th March 2020

In November of last year, the University stated that it was considering a new Health Sciences building project with a budget of $138,661,000. $138,660,000 is a lot of money. That is the same price as 63,027,727 packets of Bluebird Salt and Vinegar Chips, or 63,027,726 packets of chips and a Read more...

University Pays Staff Less If They Are Students

Posted 1:07am Friday 21st February 2020

The University is paying staff members more than $2 less per hour if they are enrolled as a student. PhD student Kirsten Gibson discovered the wage discrepancy recently, when she applied for a Research Assistant position. Kirsten received her contract only to find that the pay scale had been Read more...

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