Superfly Superspy - The Conclusion

Superfly Superspy - The Conclusion

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“Lovestorm!” you yell, “this mission was top secret, but you said you knew I was ‘messing around with some Yakuza’. You betrayed me!”

“Sorry, baby doll,” says Lovestorm, smirking.

They slap a large red “EMERGENCY” button, which sets off a massive alarm. Then they do three back handsprings and flip down into the super secret slide leading to the hyper-speed speedboat kept in the secret dock below the briefing room.

“Jones! Bronson! After Lovestorm!” bellows Boss Man.

Jones immediately trips on a desk chair fall to the floor.

“Fuckin amateur,” you say. You dive into the slide and tackle Lovestorm into the speedboat. Unfortunately, you accidentally bump the super throttle, which sends the speedboat into super-hyper-maximum-hyper-speed, and you and Lovestorm are both dissolved into subatomic particles as the speedboat shoots off up into the sky and explodes.

Tokyo got some pretty awesome fireworks that day, and Mike was finally promoted to a secret agent.

This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2019.
Posted 7:07pm Thursday 2nd May 2019 by Owen Clarke.