ODT Watch | Issue 15

ODT Watch | Issue 15

To start this week, the ODT is getting all down on optimism.

The ODT gave up on its dream of being a dancer a long time ago.


Next, the ODT is worried. Deeply worried. It has lost its reflection. All it sees when it looks into the burnished bronze disk, the one that the Regions department uses to attract smugglers, is an elderly one-eyed racehorse with the word “pun” spray painted in mustard yellow across its flank.

Last time this happened was in 2003 when the ODT lost the title of the Best Daily Newspaper of the year.


The ODT went on to ruminate about their past experiences with the worlds behind the mirror. 

No one likes being in the mirror world; it fogs up horribly whenever someone has a shower.


Next, the ODT decided to print an overheard conversation between God and a miscellaneous angel.

And finally, we are very impressed that the ODT refrained from using a pun.

Well done ODT, you’ve done a good job.

This article first appeared in Issue 15, 2017.
Posted 11:30am Sunday 16th July 2017 by Charlie OíMannin.