ODT Watch | Issue 8

ODT Watch | Issue 8

Winer makes Headlines

Clinton’s having a crack at the old White House again, yay for girl power!

Here is something to do with all those plastic bottles the flat collects: do a three-day trip in a kayak made out of recycled plastic bottles.

In “winter is coming” news, the snow-related weather headlines have kicked off in the ODT this week, with the unseasonable weather and people moaning about it making front-page news as usual, every year, in all of history.

Hopefully this historical event won’t repeat itself, with research finding acidic oceans have a relationship with killing most land and sea creatures 252 million years ago.

Everyone went Scottish crazy last weekend as veteran rocker Rod Stewart brought his old-school dance moves to his Dunedin concert. How that oldie still bounces around the stage without breaking a bone is beyond me.

This article first appeared in Issue 8, 2015.
Posted 4:07pm Sunday 19th April 2015 by Steph Taylor.