ODT Watch | Issue 3

ODT Watch | Issue 3

Strip Clubs Won't Fly

Itís good to know our new Pharmacy graduates are taking their place in the world and giving out dodgy drugs.

Only in New Zealand do we feature a convicted killer and ex-NZ Idol participant on our below-par talent show.

A strip club in Auckland has been warned over its new form of advertising, which featured a plane towing a banner over the Black Caps vs. Australia cricket match.

A museum for Dunedinís most famous quirky character? Not quite the case here, but no doubt it could have been Dunedinís top tourist attraction in no time.

This guy has found a new sort of protein ó perhaps not the most moral but, hey, gotta them them gains somehow.

Apparently John Key is unaware of any war criminals in New Zealand, but heís sure that ďsomeone will look into it.Ē In the meantime, lock up yo wife and kids, people.
This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2015.
Posted 5:30pm Sunday 8th March 2015 by Steph Taylor.