ODT Watch | Issue 19

ODT Watch | Issue 19

It almost worked

Woo! itís about time they provided some choice on Andersons Bay road in South D. A new Wendyís is opening for times when you donít feel like McDonalds. Or Burger King. Or Subway. Or KFC. Or Hell Pizza. Fatty Lane, you have a serious rival.

See, ODT, you can come up with attention-grabbing headlines without cheesy alliteration or naff puns! On another note, what an unfortunate last name, especially if youíre immature like us. Heh. Butt.

The human raceís obsession with their phones is taken to a whole new level. This guy dropped his phone in a pond and tried to retrieve it by draining 1.8 million litres of pond water into a nearby 1000-litre toilet tank. End result? A flood of sewage, major damage and no phone: ďIt almost worked.Ē ... Yeah, almost.

Anger isn't even close to what we'd be feeling if we were stuck in Hawaii.

The article reporting on the Internet Party party at 10Bar a couple Saturdays ago describes the event in such a way only a middle-aged, non-partier could, all the while making not-so-subtle digs about Kim Dotcomís weight. Yeah, we know, Kimís a big guy.
This article first appeared in Issue 19, 2014.
Posted 9:16pm Sunday 10th August 2014 by Kristen Stewart and Allison Hess.