ODT Watch | Issue 19

ODT Watch | Issue 19

Mountains of Love

Mountains are big, mountains are high, and mountains are solid. But mountains that have a deep emotional capacity are not ones that I知 familiar with. Good to know that one lovely lass has finally found a solid and reliable other half. I think I値l keep looking.


Council: you are so trendy, and prudent. You池e like the conscious shopper who compares prices just to get that extra 10 per cent off at Mitre 10 Mega. But keep the receipt. Even with a plan, who knows what mishaps might happen to that fashion collection. The fashion market is volatile.


The ODT managed to make recycling fun this week, and no doubt the stellar journalist who thought up this headline was pretty chuffed with his 菟unny creation. Front-page material for the ODT of course, and one for the portfolio for this journalist.


If you know anyone from Mosgiel, their (only) defence for living there is probably that it痴 just so much warmer than Dunedin. But really, what half-decent human being would subject themselves to such a horror all for a few extra degrees? It obviously isn稚 a success if it痴 only 7ーC at 10:45am. Outrageous. Mosgiel, got an issue? Here痴 a tissue!

This article first appeared in Issue 19, 2013.
Posted 2:29pm Sunday 11th August 2013 by Claudia Herron.