ODT Watch | Issue 3

ODT Watch | Issue 3

The weather has been pretty shite recently, and the ODT is all over it. When the sun did turn up for a few minutes, the ODT online (thatís right, they have a website), waxed seriously lyrical over its arrival.

After David Bainís retrial and acquittal it turns out that we canít pay him out for killing his family anymore, cause, you know Ö he didnít do it. So the ODT has gone back to just paying him out about his ears.

Now, this really doesnít need anything from me:

The ODT is also a great way for the local community to have their say, and this old fella is seriously concerned about your hearing after O-Week:

And lastly, from the regions, scarfies arenít the only people getting loose in Otago.

This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2012.
Posted 3:28pm Wednesday 14th March 2012 by Staff Reporter.